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RG Premium Luxury
Rhinestone Shapes

Flat Backs

RhiNew!nestone Guy's (RG) rhinestone shapes featured below are flat backs and can be glued.
Rhinestone shapes provide a great way to accent designs and create unusual patterns. The flat back shapes can be glued on We carry them in both Crystal, Crystal AB and Jet.
Rhinestone rhinestone shapes are a great and less expensive alternative to the Swarovski and Czech Preciosa rhinestone shapes.


RG Premium Geometric Shapes RG Premium Luxury Curved Rhinestone Shapes
RG Premium Rivoli Flat Back rhinestone Shape
RG Premium Luxury Cross Cut Flat Back Square RG Premium Flat Back Chessboard Square
Swarovski produces many flat back crystal rhinestones shapes.
We also have a selection of Czech Preciosa rhinestone Shapes

Swaorvski Flat Back Rhinestone Shapes Czech Preciosa Flat Back Rhinestone Shapes


Rhinestone Guy Square, Baguettes and Radiance

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