Mounting and Setting for Rhinestones and Jewels

Mounts are used when decorating garments that will be dry cleaned, when applying large jewels that glues do not support well, or where mirrors do not have finished edges (rim mounts). They are made of metal.

Mounts are very popular with the Show Horse and Country Western sets, Ice Skating costumes where loss of stones is dangerous (on ice), or where a specific 'look' is required. Great for costumes that take a beating.

If setting nailheads and jewels/ crystal rhinestones, consider rim sets or Tiffany mounts. Use when mounting rhinestones/jewels to leather (you will have to pre-punch leg holes in thicker leathers).

We carry stock of tiffany and rim settings to complement the rhinestones and flat back jewels we carry in stock. Each type of mount, tiffany or rim, has its uses and creates a different look. To learn more about each type visit the related page.


Occasionally you may come across Alamo’s name when inquiring about rhinestone jackets. These jackets were produced in the 80's are vintage, collectible and expensive. They are made of Jeans, Airbrushed with various themes, and decorated with many rhinestones that are Rim Set. We have collected a few at Rhinestone Guy. One of them is the Beverly Hills Jacket (we used to be in California). Here is an idea for you to create...

Rim Set Tony Alamo Jacket

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