Swarovski Art. 2602 Emeard Cut ~ Flat Back

      Swarovski Emerald Cut AurumSwarovski 2602 Emerald Cut Scarlet

      Swarovski 2602 Flat Back Emerald Cut features a unique crystal rhinestone shape. Featuring a rectangular shape with 4 cut corners, creating an eight sided shape with multitude of facets. The elongated sides of this Swarovski Jewel Cut stone makes it rectangular shape and features a Flat Back for gluing. It foiled back for extra reflection and brilliance.

      This new gemstone-inspired crystal has beautiful flat top and large surrounding facets. It is silver foiled for extra reflection. Rhinestone shapes are great for added design, style and sparkle. The small emerald cut shapes are excellent for nail art work.

      Larger Size Emerald Cut Jewels are available in Sew On format, Swarovski Art. 3252

      Swarovski Emerald Cut Flat Back 2602

      Brand: Swarovski, Austria

      Name: Emerald Cut - Flat Back

      Article #: 2602

      Swarovski 2602 Emerald Cut Jewels

      Swarovski 2602 Crystal Swarovski 2602 Crystal AB Swarovski 2602 Aurum

      Swarovski 2602 Golden ShadowSwarovski 2602 Silver Shade

      Standard Colors:
      Swarovski 2602 Aquamarine Emerald Cut Swarovski 2602 Emerald Cut Jewel 2602 Swarovski 2602 Graphite emerald cut Swarovski 2602 Jet Emerald Cut Jewel Swarovski Emerald Cut Jewel Sapphire Swarovski 2602 Emerald Cut Jewel Scarlet Swarovski 2602 Sunflower Emerald Cut Jewel Swarovski 2602 Emerald Cut Jewel Vintage Rose

      Art 2602 Flat Back Jewel Cut Emerald Cut are sold as follows:1 Dozen = 12 pieces;
      Bulk Prices (discounted): as noted
      Size Quantity Crystal Crystal AB Effects Aurum Standard Colors
      8x5.5mm 1 Dozen (12) $4.99 $5.89 $5.89 N/A $5.39
      14x10mm 1 Dozen (12) $14.59 $17.49 $17.49 $17.49 $15.99

      Factory Package ~ Discounted Prices

      8x5.5mm 12 Dozen (144) $48.89 $58.59 $58.59 N/A $53.79
      14x10mm 6 Dozen (72) $71.99 $86.49 $86.49 $86.49 $79.39

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      Swarovski Emerald Cut Golden Shadow and Jet Art 2602 Swarovski Emerald Cut 2602 Emerald and Golden Shadow

      Swarovski 2602 Emerald Cut Crystal AB with Fan Swarovski Emerald Cut Crystal AB with Swarovski 2403 Jet Pyramid

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