RG Hot Fix Pearls

      Hot Fix Pearls are flat back with a domed shape featuring dimension and depth. They are available in four great colors: Natural Pearl, Blonde Pearl, Silver Pearl, and Hematite (almost black) pearl. We have them in a great selection of sizes.

      Pearls are sized by mm. As a point of reference, 4mm pearl is close to a 16ss rhinestone, 5mm close to a 20ss rhinestone, and 6mm is close to a 30ss rhinestone.

      Hot Fix Pearls can also be glued or mounted in the same way as Flat Back Pearl as well as be used with hot fix / heat transfer tools. Mounting may require a bit work as they are shallower than acrylic pearls.

      Because of the material they are made of the time it takes to melt the glue is shorter then a rhinestones.

      A Sample of these pearls is available on our Sample Cards

      RG Hot Fix Pearls come in the following sizes:

      RG Hot Fix Pearls

      We now have Pearls in 5 Different Colors in all Sizes:
      Natural Pearl, Blonde, Pink, Silver & Hematite*

      NaturalPearl Blonde Pearl Rhinestone Guy Hot Fix Pink Pearl Silver Pearl Hematite Pearl

      RG Natural Pearls RG Blonde Pearls Hot Fix Pearls Pink RG Silver Pearls RG Hematite Pearls

      * Hematite is NOT available in 13mm

      Hot Fix Pearls, Price Per Gross (144 each by weight) 10 Gross, discounted.
      Size 1 Gross (144) - 10 Gross Min - (1,440 )
      3mm $3.09 $2.59
      4mm $3.59 $3.09
      5mm $4.99 $4.29
      6mm $6.29 $5.39
      8mm $7.49 $6.39
      10mm $8.89 $7.49
      13mm $10.59 $8.99

      Pearl Size KIT

      10 Gross (1,440) of Hot Fix Pearls - $35.69 per package.

      You will be receiving a total of 10 Gross, 1,440 Convex Nailheads comprised of:

      • 3mm (10ss) - 3 Gross
      • 4 mm (16ss) - 3 Gross
      • 5mm (20ss) - 3 Gross
      • 6mm (30ss) - 1 Gross
      • SAME COLOR PER KIT, No mixing of colors

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