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      A family business, Rhinestone Guy started in 1998 in California and moved to Florida in 2011.

      Our commitment is to deliver excellent customer service and provide fun and easy rhinestones buying experience. We will help you Sparkle Up with Style with various rhinestones and related product choices at great prices. When you shop with Rhinestone Guy you will experience superior service, outstanding staff knowledge, and a broad selection of products to meet your budget and needs.

      And... YES, it is the reason we do it the old fashion way, over the phone.
      Experience the difference.

      The best way to tell you about us is let our customers speak!

      "I have received my rhinestones..thank you very much for the efficient and prompt service. I have not used Preciosa before and I am very happy with them. I will definitely be ordering through you again". Katrina, Australia

      "Hi Rhinestone Folks; Just a note to say I received my first order of RG PREMIUM rhinestones and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!! You can be sure I'll be returning again to get more of these beauties! Thank you so much," Laura

      "I just received my order. Thanks again. You guys are a life-saver (well -- sort of -- at least with regards to short deadlines, crystals, a costume and a wardrobe stylist) !" Andrea, Canada

      "Got the garnets today. In case I ever forget to tell you. I really appreciate you all. You help make my life a lot easier as I know I can always count on you. Thanks..." Kimberlee

      "I appreciate the products and prices your company provides!  I always get excellent service when I call" Tonya

      "Just wanted to say thank you for the quick shipment, wonderful crystals, and great customer service! I'm recommending you to my fellow Irish Dance moms :)" Heather

      "Thank u for the tips on gluing rhinestones! I haven't been able to find anything that works for putting rhinestones on my wedding dress. I'm going to try your suggestions." Darmah

      "I just wanted to tell you I received the rhinestones! You guys are awesome. Thanks so much!" Melissa

      "I just wanted to thank you so much for my recent order. The gentleman on the phone helped me figure out exactly what I needed for my daughter's Irish solo dress (I've never worked on one of these dresses before, so I was completely lost), and was so patient as I explained what I was looking for. ,,The stones and other supplies I ordered got here really quickly so I was able to finish her dress with time to spare before we had to leave.,,I can assure you that the next time I need rhinestone, you will be getting a call from me. Thanks again." Katy


      "I thought I'd read all of your articles and I have found them to be very informative. Love the humour as well. ,,I just noticed your paragraph on some of the vendors from Hong Kong that on sell on Ebay. You've just confirmed what I learned the hard way a couple of months.......I'll never be tempted to purchase crystals on Ebay again. I just found your web site recently, and your prices are very comparable to what I've found on Ebay anyway. I didn't have to wait 2 weeks for my package to arrive either, so I'm glad I found you! ,Thanks" Robbie







      "Hi!! I just want to let you know I received my order and it was ok. I'm so satisfied with your service and products."Louis, PR

      "Hey guys I got my order wow that was fast thank you" Tiffany,

      "I just wanted to let you all know that you are so great to do business with! There was a bit of a mix up with my most recent order, and I can't even believe how nice your customer service department was about it. I'm recommending you to absolutely all the costumers I know, you're the best! (And the rhinestones are so pretty!) Thank you so much. ,,Cheers! Chelsea

      James, AZ

      "I just wanted to tell you I received the rhinestones! You guys are awesome. Thanks so much! " Melissa

      "Just wanted to say thank you for the quick shipment, wonderful crystals, and great customer service! I'm recommending you to my fellow Irish Dance moms :)" Heather


      "I was looking for info on how-to and you were the only person who was direct and to the point on info. I am very dyslexic and I appreciate straight talk... Thank you so much for your honesty. It seems to be a lost character trait these days. With much gratitude," Anita, CA

      "I just wanted to let you know I received my order and I was thrilled it came so fast/needed for customers. Thank you once again!" Margo,

      "Thank you thank you!! The rhinestones arrived right now. This have been the best service ever A+++" Wendy,

      "Just to let you know we won 2 out of the 3 dance divisions we entered and a 4th in the third division with the great looking stones on the costumes. Now we move up to the big Crown division and need another set of new costumes for it. Once I figure out designs I will be ordering some other colors for new ones. Thanks for getting those stones to me." Cindy, Canada

      "I just wanted to say you guys did a great job on the transfers. Thank you!" Derek

      "Thanks, the rhinestones arrived just moments ago. So the Pony Express is still riding strong! Thanks for your help and excellent service!" Celeste, AR

      "THANKS!!! I got them.  you are so great!!!" Melissa

      "...As always your customer service is the best!  Thanks!" Lisa, OK

      "LOVE your stones!  I ordered $xxx+ worth and also a yard of fringe that you talked me into and it looks awesome together.  Thanks for helping me on the phone... Will definitely re-order and tell the other twirling moms to order from you also." Donna, MS

      "Thank you. I did receive my ballroom manuel. Just flipping thru it its great to see it is written in plan english made easy to understand. Thank you for such prompt service." Carol, CA

      'Thank you for putting that order through right away for me!  You're just the best at that...  It's much appreciated!" Michelle, PA

      " just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it is doing business with you.  Our Rhinestone transfers came in and applied so easily to the t shirts....I was amazed!" Kelly, MI

      "I received my package today and all I can say is wow! They are beautiful and I am really excited to start creating some beautiful items." Hilary

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