RG Premium Rhinestones Color Reference Chart

      Disclaimer: Please do NOT rely on your computer monitor to represent the colors as depending on your monitor, video card and monitor's resolution colors may vary.

      We did our best to represent the colors. We highly recommend that your purchase a Sample Card for accurate colors..

      RG Premium Unfoiled Rhinestones Gallery
      See Gallery for the difference between Crystal/Crystal AB foiled versus Unfoiled

      RG Premium Crystal RG Premium Crystal AB Crystal Unfoiled Rhinestone Crystal AB Unfoiled White Opal Rhinestone RG Premium White Opal AB RGP Silver RGP Black Diamond Smokey Crystal rg premium silver night RGP Hematite RGP Jet RGP Jet AB

      RGP Light Peach RGP Light Rose RGP Light Rose AB RGP Rose Rose AB Rhinestone RGP Fuchsia Fuchsia AB Rhinestone RGP Sun RGP Sun AB RGP Hyacinth RGP Hyacinth AB RGP Light Siam Light Siam AB Rhinestone RGP Siam RGP Siam AB RGP Tanzanite RGP Light Amethyst RGP Amethyst Amethyst AB Rhinestone RGP Blue Metallic RGP Montana RGP Sapphire Sapphire AB Rhinestone RGP Light Sapphire RGP Light Sapphire AB RGP Capri Blue RGP Capri Blue AB RGP AquamarineAqua AB RhinestoneRGP Blue Zircon Blue Zircone AB Rhinestone RGP Peridot Peridot AB Rhinestone RGP Grass Green RGP Emerald RGP Emerald AB Vitrail Medium Rhinestone RGP Olivine RGP Citrine Citrine AB Rhinestone RGP Jonquil RGP Light Topaz RGP Topaz Topaz AB Rhinestone Light Brown Rhinestone RG Premium Light Honey Dark Honey RG Premium Rhinestone RGP Light Colorado Topaz RGP Smoke Topaz RGP Gold

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