Czech Preciosa Sew on Jewels (Stones)

      Sew On Crystal AB Pears on ShirtCzech Preciosa Rhinestone Sew on Jewels are decorative shaped flat back and foiled glass items that are applied to clothing (or jewelry) in place of genuine jewels by sewing. Each jewel has two drilled holes, one on each side. They are applied to the fabric with proper stitching techniques.

      A great deal of flat back sew on jewels are used in Irish Dance dresses, Horse show clothing, bridal wear and evening wear. The jewels combined with rhinestones and shapes create unique designs.

      Sewing Jewels to costumes or clothing can have an advantage as when the costume or garment is no longer needed or used, they can be removed and applied to a different item. Unlike glued or heat fix rhinestones, they are not as permanent.

      Czech Preciosa Sew On Jewels are available in Crystal and Crystal AB. They are cut the same as the Swarovski Sew On Jewels.


      In Swarovski and RG Premium Jewels we have some additional colors availability.

      We carry Czech Preciosa smaller rhinestone shapes and flat back larger Jewels that you can glue.

      We offer bulk discounts on Czech Preciosa Sew On Jewels.

      You may purchase either by the Dozen or by the Box or Envelope.

      To receive a bulk price you must purchase the required quantity -- same size / same color!

      Mounted Sew On Fancy Stones
      preiciosa fashion jewelry sew ons

      Sew On Jewel - 2 Side Holes

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