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The following are quick responses to some daily questions we encounter. To learn more about rhinestones, rhinestone applications please visit Rhinestone Guy's Learning Center.

Do you sell WHOLESALE? The short answer is: Yes to everyone!

The term rhinestones at "wholesale" prices is overused. Just check out our Bulk Prices. Be sure to calculate your LANDED cost. Cost of rhinestones plus the shipping.

Wholesale means buying a factory sealed package, flat back or hot fix, same size/same color. Smaller quantities available at regular prices. Within each brand check the BULK prices. We invite to check our BULK prices, Just call and order as needed:

Red JewelNo special account to set up

Green ButtonNo documents to send - tax id's, resale certificate (except FL), business license, etc...

Orange ButtonImmediate Stock Check and Same Day Shipping (order by 2pm)

Purple Button Free* US Priority Mail shipping for orders over $100, every day of the week (US Domestic Mail Only)

* does not apply to deeply discounted RG Premium and RG 2 rhinestones


We currently do not collect sales taxes in any state except for purchases in the State of Florida (unless a Florida re-sale certificate is provided).

Sales or use tax is due on certain purchases delivered to your state. You may be required to file a use tax return when sales tax is not paid at the time of purchase. Several states require by law that we report all purchases shipped to the specific state. These reports include purchasers information and $ value paid.

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How Many Rhinestones in a Gross?
A gross is a unit of is consistent, there is no "How many are in YOUR gross." A gross is a gross, no matter who tells you what! A gross literally means, 12 dozen, or 144 pieces. Regardless of the stones size, SS5 or SS40, it is still 144 rhinestones. When you buy a partial packages, a few gross especially when they are small, we cannot count out these stones individually. We weigh the whole package, come up with an average weight of the gross and use that to part out the package to you. Therefore, a few of you will get 143, 142 stones, a few of you will get 145, 146 stones...It is an average, not that precise. We cannot afford to spend the time on counting, but we weigh these stones as accurately as possible using highly calibrated jewelry scales. You may be short a stone or two in one package, but you will probably get extra in the next package...that is just how this business works. A larger quantity difference is an issue. But a stone or 2 is not.
How Many Rhinestones Do I need for...?
Rhinestone Calculator, How many rhinestones do I need?After the first question this is one of the most common questions we are asked. The short answer is we do not know. It all depends on your project. If you are a small size or a large size there will be a difference. Same applies for shoes, their type, size, etc... We took our time to create a Rhinestone Calculator for you. You need to do some measuring of your project, decide on the rhinestone size you want to use...and even then it is an estimate. We see many folks who under purchase. Take the time to estimate what you need. This will save you time and money.
Can you send me some rhinestone(s), jewels, etc... sample (s)?
We cannot send samples for a couple of reasons. First, our goods are sold by weight or by count. Second, it is what allows us to keep our prices at the lowest price possible. We encourage you to purchase our Sample Cards for color and size reference.
What is bulk or a bulk package
It means a wholesale priced package. A bulk package is a factory sealed package - SAME SIZE AND SAME COLOR. In Swarovski and Czech preciosa up to size 20ss the bulk package is 10 gross, 1,440 rhinestones. 30SS size rhinestones - Swarovski packs in 2.5 Gross package (360 rhinestones). Czech Preciosa have bulk packages of 2 gross (288 rhinestones) each for both 30ss and 34SS.
What is AB Color?
The term AB stands for "Aurora Borealis". It represents coating on rhinestone to produce rainbow of color reflection. Very effective on Crystal rhinestones, used on colored stones to enhance reflection. AB coating make stones "shine" more under spotlights. AB coatings on colored rhinestones takes away the base color of the stones because of the coating and give it other tones. Different color stones get a different AB look. A sample card with their representation is the best way to determine if it is the desired look.
Do AB rhinestones sparkle more than standard colors.
AB crystals sparkle DIFFERENT than standard colors. Many see that as better but that is not necessarily the case. Each has its uses. An AB coated stone is a standard color stone that is coated to create the AB. Much of the stone's base color disappears under the coating. Many of them get a gold, bluish or silvery tones. Swarovski AB colored stones are coated heavier than the Czech Preciosa and RG Premium stones.
In fact JET AB become blue green with a gold Top.. and. does show much black at all. It is NOT a shiner black. If you are looking to make black shine, consider, Hematite.
Are there minimum rhinestone purchases
YES. Depending on the item you need. Smaller flatback rhinestones up to 16ss, we have have a 1 gross minimum purchase. SS20 to SS30 stones have a 1/2 gross minimum. Larger rhinestones SS34 and above and most rhinestones shapes and crystal jewels have a dozen (12 pieces) minimums. Large size stone over 3/4" tall may be purchased by the piece.
Can I glue Hot Fix rhinestones, pearls, turquoise cabochon, hot fix nailheads?
YES. All Hot fix means is that the items have GLUE on the underside of it should one choose to use a heat fix tool, iron, or heat press. They can be glued just like the flat back with appropriate gluing techniques.
What is the difference between a Flat Back and a Hot Fix rhinestones
Flat back rhinestones or jewels have a flat back that is either foiled or un foiled and must be glued using a fabric type glue. They can also be mounted with settings. Hot fix rhinestones have glue on the underside of the stone, they can be hot fixed by using appropriate hot fix tools, or glued. Therefore, they are more versatile. The Topic is expanded upon in the learning center.
Can you send me a catalog
At this time we do not produce a catalog. Our pages are printer friendly, so feel free to print them as needed.
What is the best method of attaching rhinestones... Glue, Hot Fix, or Mount?
The best answer to this, like politics :-) it depends. It depends on what you are doing, on the materials you are attaching to and the uses of the items. We have an expanded explanation on methods of attachment in our Rhinestone Guy's University Introduction to Rhinestones.
Which Glue should I use?
It seems that everyone has an opinion about glue, what glue, when to glue, glue is better/sewing is better, and .................. but since I am the one that is writing, my opinion counts more!! Whether to glue or sew/use mounts is more a question of future use than what is better or easier. So: IF your garment/item must be dry-cleaned somewhere/sometime, DO Not use glue. All glues currently in use are sensitive to the cleaning fluids used ( including iron-on types ). The fluid deteriorates the glue, and discolor it. Therefore, if you are stoning velvet, AND you plan to use it to the point that it must be cleaned, then either mount or sew on the stones. If you plan to use pointed back stones, they will have to be mounted. Otherwise, glue IS the choice. It is fast, easy, and 'do-able' where thousands of stones are to be used. Both Swarovski's and Czech Preciosa's Heat Fix glue is dry cleanable today. No one will guarantee this to be true, for NO ONE knows what cleaning fluids may be used...but in normal cleaning applications, the glue stands up well. There are a lot of choices here, we have preferred 'GemTac' for strength and consistency in the past, - dries clear, doesn't glop out of dispenser, and if used correctly, hangs on to the stones very well.

Most stone loss, after gluing, is the result of technique rather than glue failure. Always press stone into glue, put down just enough glue to come out around stone when pressed into glue (just barely). When gluing larger Jewels, it is VERY important to capture the edges with glue. No silvered backing can support the weight of the stone. The stone will break loose from the silver backing, fall off, and leave a very shiny silver shape stuck to the garment. And do not lay down so much glue that the surface will skim-dry before the stone is set into it. We strongly suggest using 'Applicator sticks' when stoning...much faster, much easier, and you don't need tweezers. These glues are usually white in the bottle, but dry clear, are water soluble before drying, and withstand washing very well. GemTac dries clear and has elasticity. It sticks to everything I have used it on, and especially glass (where I got sloppy and forgot to clean it off ....razor blades had to be used to scrape it off.) I have glued 150,000 rhinestones to a motorcycle with Rhinestone Guy Glue, and have not lost one stone, even with serious washing and cleaning! (Yes, we sell glue and Applicator sticks.)

Other glues in use include E6000...good, strong, fast drying, but leaves strings of glue when you pull back. don't even think about hot glue guns ...failure is very high. Super Glue is great for the fast fix, but not in the long run...too thin, runs out into fabric. Epoxy glues are strong, but highly allergenic (do not get this stuff on your skin, do not inhale is only a matter of time before you will develop an allergy to it, and when you do, the body's reactions can be very strong, as in open sores, swelling, oozing, need I say more? AND, you can develop an allergy to it overnight ...Surprise, Surprise!)...good for jewelry, but not garments. Epoxies usually do not have elasticity. OK for Belt Buckles, but rough sand the metal before setting with Epoxy. These glues are available in most hardware stores as a two part dispenser that must be mixed before using. Do not mix very much at one time, as it begins to set within seconds, and is very temperature sensitive. DO NOT allow water to mix into glue, as you will have a gummy mess. Do NOT get this stuff on your skin! It is not water/soap soluble. Use Acetone only if you must, Acetone goes into the skin and can affect kidneys!

DO NOT USE 'Super Glue' --It is just too brittle to be satisfactory with rhinestones.
What rhinestones shall I use in my business?
Well here we go again -- It depends. It depends on your type of business, customers, your competitors. Are you serving Rodeo Drive? or are you a small business in your local community? We got you covered in our learning center, read: What Are the Best Rhinestones I should Use in My Business? Swarovski, Czech Preciosa, Rhinestone Guy Crystal?
Do you have examples of Rhinestone Uses other then Clothing?
Yes. Rhinestones can be used on many items and project. You may need to experiment. If you have a new idea, try it. It is called research and development. Many people use rhinestone on various items and sometimes trial and error will be necessary. To see some projects, see: Rhinestone Guy's Rhinestone Projects & Ideas

Here are some embellished vinyl signs hanging in my garage"

Rhinestone Guy Ford Sign Project

Rhinestone Delco Sign Rhinestone Guy Project

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