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Swarovski distribution of Crystal Components to the general public, stopped in September 2021, worldwide. The change affectted the Do It Yourself, nail techs, retail, and most business users. Swarovski decided to focus on few market segments in the luxury, accessories, fashion, and selective niches.

While few businesses may be able to purchase limited Swarovski products from a few sources, they will have to go through an application process, and approval by Swarovski. If approved, they will have to sign a strict legal Brand Control Agreement where they will not be able to market, advertise, or label their products with any reference or connection to the Swarovski brand name or the crystals origins, example “made in Austria”. Why would you want to do that?

We were Swarovski Authorized Reseller for many years until this change. We are still authorized to sell our Swarovski stock, without restrictions, until our stock runs out.

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BUT.... You need to move on to different brands and support your re-sellers and the brands that let you market your creations how you wish.

Alternatives to the Swarovski Brand:

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