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Rhinestone Sample Cards

Color Charts, Rhinestone Sizes & More

We strongly suggest that you purchase a rhinestone sample card. Our two main cards are the Swarovski, Czech preciosa, card and the Rhinestone Guy (RG) Premium card. Each card has actual rhinestones, selected rhinestone shapes, jewels and nailheads, from 150 pieces to almost 300 pieces depending on the card.

Online Color Charts are available, however,do NOT rely on your computer monitor to represent the colors as depending on your monitor, video card and monitor's resolution colors may vary. We did our best to represent the colors.

Swarovski Crystals Online Color Chart
Czech Preciosa Crystals Color Chart


RG Studio Crystals Color Chart


RG Premium Crystals Color Chart


We produce these beautiful cards in house. They feature:
--Actual rhinestones in all available colors, and jewels
-- Each as has a ROW with rhinestones sizes
--The cards are laminated.
-- Limit one set per customer per year
--The stones, jewels and nailheads are glued on a strong clear sheet that is hinged to the base card allowing you to lay the rhinestones over the fabric or your project.


An actual color chart will help you select the appropriate rhinestone colors, as well as see some of the available rhinestones shapes.

Swarovski - Czech Sample card

This sample card features, Rhinestones sizes, Swarovski and Czech rhinestone colors in actual rhinestones that we carry. It has additional rhinestone shape from both brands, and flat back rhinestones shapes and jewels.

Please note: the card is updated on a regular basis and may be different than the photo. If we are out of stock, we may offer you Factory Made cards or you may choose to back order and wait.

The RG Sample card

This card features Rhinestone Guy's crystal private label rhinestones, RG Studio, RG Premium Crystals and RG 2 rhinestones.

In addition, it has our extensive selection of hot fix nailheads, convex shapes, pearls and turquoise. (These are flat backs and can be glued).

Please note: the card is updated on a regular basis and may be different than the photo

Best ValueSave Money - Our Sample Card Bundle -- $47.99

If you want to see all available rhinestones, our Card Bundle is the Best Deal. The bundle has our two sample cards. You will receive both the Czech/Swarovski card and the RG Premium Card. The cards ship for free (US Only) USPS priority mail.
To see photos of each of the cards, see the tabs below.

Swarovski & Czech Preciosa Sample Card - $37.99


Swarovski Color Chart Czech Preciosa Rhinestone Sample Card

RG Studio, RG Premium, RG2, nailheads Sample Card - $15.00

RG Premium Rhinestone Sample Card Chart

Heart made with rhinestones

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