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Being educated about rhinestones will help you in your projects. Here are a few articles and documents that we complied for you. From the novice to the professional we hope you will find the information useful.
Want to see what we and our customers are doing with rhinestones? Need some rhinestones ideas and samples of work to get your creative style moving. See our link below.


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Lesson 1 - New To Rhinestones? START HERE!
Click HereStart by reading Introduction to rhinestones.
Here you will learn all about rhinestones. What are rhinestones, the type of rhinestones, rhinestones' brilliance, quality, sizes, methods of attachments and more
Lesson 2 - What rhinestones shall I use?
Click HereHere the Rhinestone Guy gives you his opinion about lead in rhinestones. What rhinestones to use for which project, and more..
Lesson 3 - Rhinestone Techniques Introduction
Click HereThis article provides an overview rhinestone application techniques.
Lesson 4 - How to apply rhinestones to cell phones
Click HerePeople used to apply rhinestones directly to cell phones... Today cell phone cases are what most folks decorate. Here you will get an idea how to plan a cell phone, computer project for coverage.
Lesson 5 - How to Decorate Bling Shoes, Flip Flops, and more
Click HereApplying rhinestones to Flip Flops has it challenges as they are made of rubber and are flexible. Here you will find some advise.
Lesson 6 - Applying Rhinestone and Jewels to Leather Goods
Click HereWhile many people glue rhinestones to leather. This article will provide additional information about challenges to working with leather.
Lesson 7 - Making Cheer Bows and Hair Accessories
Click HereDecorated bows are very popular. They can be made either through decorating a ribbon or using mesh banding. Here you will find how
Lesson 8 - How to Use a Kandi Kane
Click HereA Kandi Kane is a tool that is use to hot fix rhinestones individually. Here you will learn how to use it.
Lesson 9 - How to make Heat Transfers
Click HereHere you will learn how to create Heat Transfers. These are the basics for those who are looking to create hot fix Appliqués and design.
Lesson 10 - How to Apply Heat Transfers
Click HereOnce you created your transfer. Here you will find information about applying the transfer to garments.
Lesson 11 - I am starting or Expanding my Business what Rhinestones Should I use?
Click HereWe get many calls from people who are starting a variety of businesses or expanding existing business that want to incorporate rhinestones, jewels, nailhead and trim... Of course, Swarovski rhinestones are first on their mind... but does it make business sense? Maybe yes... or..Read More...........

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