RG Premium Pearls Flat Back

      Imitation pearls can add sophistication, texture and luxury appearance to your designs. RG Premium Pearl cabochons are 1/2 domed and flat back designed for glue on application.

      RG Premium Flat Back Pearls are acrylic. We offer them in an assortment of colors to complement many rhinestones', jewels, and crystal stone colors. They are available in sizes 4mm (SS16) to 11mm (SS48) in Pure white. All other colors are available in 4mm (SS16) to 9mm (SS40). We now carry them in selected standard and AB colors.

      RG Pearls Pure White Sizes

      RG Pearls Ivory Sizes

      RG Pearl Cabochon Pure White RG Pearl Cabochon Ivory RG Pearl Cabochon Light Rose rg flat back pearl mint RG Pearl Cabochon Silver RG Pearl Cabochon Latte Beige RG Pearl Cabochon Light Amethyst RG Pearl Cabochon Light Turquoise RG Pearl Cabochon Dark Silver RG Pearl Cabochon Mocha RG Pearl Cabochon AmethystRG Pearl Cabochon Jet pearl ab colors rg flat back pearl pure white ab rg pearl light rose ab rg pearl aqua ab rg pearl light sapphire ab rg pearl sapphire ab Light Amethyst AB

      Pearls are sold as follows:

      - By the Gross -- Gross = 144 Pearls; Measured by weight;
      - In Bulk, discounted quantities, 10 Gross minimum, 1,440 pieces. Same size/same color;

      Pearls, Flat Back, Price Per Gross (144 each by weight) 10 Gross, discounted.
      Size Standard Colors
      - 1 Gross (144)
      AB Colors
      - 1 Gross (144)
      Standard Colors
      - 10 Gross (1,440)
      AB Colors
      - 10 Gross (1,440 )
      4mm $2.99 $3.39 $25.39 $28.89
      5mm $3.99 $4.39 $33.89 $37.39
      6mm $5.39 $5.99 $45.79 $50.89
      7mm $6.39 $7.09 $54.29 $60.29
      9mm $7.49 $8.29 $63.59 $70.49
      11mm $8.49 - Only Pure White N/A $70.49 - Pure White Only N/A

      RG Premium Pearl Kits

      A same color 10 Gross, 1,440 pieces, discounted size assortment consisting of:

      • 3 Gross (432) - 4mm (SS16)
      • 3 Gross (432) - 5mm (SS20)
      • 3 Gross (432) - 6mm (SS30)
      • 1 Gross (144) - 7mm (SS34)

           Solid Colors: $38.79
           AB Colors: $42.89

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