Hot Fix Nailheads

      Nailheads are always in style. Our hot fix nailheads are a great option. You can glue them just like flat backs or hot fix them with appropriate tools. They are terrific in transfers and applied with a heat press or they can be set using a Hot Fix Rhinestone Applicator Tool. There are different types of nailheads, some a flatter and some have height to them. Those with height are called Convex. They come in a variety of sizes and colors, let your imagination go.

      Hot Fix nailheads are a great alternative to pronged nailheads and are excellent for boys and men shirts embellishments. They can be integrated with rhinestones for an interesting look and added dimension. They can be applied just like rhinestones to everything from shirts and jackets to shoes, boxes, etc...

      Nailheads come in a variety of sizes, measured in millimeter (mm), and a variety of colors. Not all colors are available in all sizes. For comparison purpose to rhinestones, approximately - a 3mm is a 12ss, a 4mm is a a 16ss, a 5mm is 20ss, a 6mm is 30ss, a 7mm is a 34mm and a 10mm is almost a 48ss.

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