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Czech Preciosa Hotfix Rhinestone Shapes


Czech Presioca Rhinestone Shapes

Czech Preciosa rhinestone shapes featured below are hot fix and can be hot fixed using a heat press or a flat tip of a Rhinestone Hot Fix Applicator. These beautiful rhinestone shapes are also available in Flat Back format for gluing.

These are smaller size shapes and are sold by the Gross (144 pieces) or 1/2 of a Gross (72 pieces).

Rhinestone shapes provide a great way to accent designs and create unusual patterns. The flat back shapes can be glued on We carry them in both Crystal and Crystal AB.

Czech Preciosa rhinestone shapes are a great and less expensive alternative to the Swarovski rhinestone shapes.

When a design calls for larger shapes, you have two options. One is to work with flat back LARGER jewels and shapes made by Czech Preciosa under Flat Back Jewels. The second is to work with Sew On Jewels. There are color choices in the larger jewels.

Our Master Sample Card features these shapes.


Czech Preciosa Navette Flat Back
Czech Preciosa Pears
Czech Preciosa Square
Czech Preciosa Triangle Rhinestones
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