Swarovski Art. 2816 Rivoli Star Flat Back

      Swarovski 2816 Flat Back Rivoli Star, is a 5 point star, with a Rivoli style cut. The top of the star is a point. The shape features a silver foiled back that creates shine and extra reflection.

      The Rivoli Star shape is available in 5mm size (approx. 20ss rhinestone size), in Crystal and Crystal AB..

      Rhinestone shapes are great for added design, style and sparkle. These triangles are a great add on for those who decorate nails and are looking for a unique shape.

      Swarovski Rivoli Star 2816

      Brand: Swarovski, Austria

      Name: Rivoli Star Flat Back

      Article #: 2816


      Swarovski 2816 Crystal Swarovski Rivoli Star Crystal AB

      Swarovski Art 2816 Flat Back Rivoli Stars are sold as follows:1 Dozen = 12 pieces;
      Bulk Prices (discounted): as noted
      Size Quantity Crystal Crystal AB
      5mm 1 Dozen (12) $3.09 $3.79
      5mm 1 Gross (144) $33.39 $41.19

      Factory Package ~ Discounted Prices

      5mm 5 Gross (720) $137.49 $170.19

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