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CalculatorTo help you with your rhinestone embellishment project(s), we built two rhinestone calculators. The first calculator, a Square Area Calculator, is for estimating an area of rhinestone coverage; The second calculator allows you to calculate a string, a solid row of rhinestones. These calculators will get you started.. However, if you need further help, of course, call us... We are here to help you.

Disclaimer: The calculators provide estimated quantities of rhinestones needed. If you have ANY questions please call us.

*For the calculator to operate you must have/allow for Running Scripts.*

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Area Measure chart

The SQUARE AREA RHINESTONE CALCULATOR is for calculating a design, thick letters, a cell phone case, shoes, etc..

Step 1: The first step is measuring the area you are covering. You can either section the design to separate parts or sections and measure the area of each part (keep track of each section). Alternatively, you can estimate the area (the easy but not as accurate - will give you EXTRA rhinestones).



Rhinestones InterlacedRhinestones Square SetStep 2: Decide how are you going to set the rhinestones.

There are two ways to set up rhinestones in an area: Interlaced or Square set.

Interlaced - the rhinestones are set in an offset pattern. This method provides maximum, tight, area coverage with rhinestones and will require more rhinestones. If you are doing a square area, however, you may need smaller stones to fill in the edge gaps.

Square set is where the stones are placed in straight rows.

If you are spacing the stones you will need to have a different type of calculation.

Step 3: Select the rhinestone size you would like to work with.

NOTE: If you have a total square area, put the total square are in the length field and the number 1 in the width field

1 gross = 144 rhinestones

The SINGLE ROW CALCULATER will provide you with a stone/gross count for placing rhinestones ONE NEXT TO EACH OTHER- on a single row.

This calculator can help you to estimate, for example, an outline or a single row swirl design. You can use a thread to measure the total length that you need, select a stone size and get a calculation.

Rhinestones in a Row

1 gross = 144 rhinestones

If you are planning on spacing your rhinestones, do not use this calculator. Spacing stones will require some math.

The easiest way is do decide how many you are going to spread over an inch and multiply by the # of inches. Keep in mind the larger the rhinestones the less spacing you have between the stones and vice versa.

For example: Let say that we will be spreading three (3) 20ss rhinestones over an inch. So if you have 5 inches to cover, you would need 15 rhinestones. This is very simplified and will give you some extra stones.

If you want to be more precise in spacing, for example, spacing the stones an inch apart the calculation would be different. You will need to take into account the size of the rhinestone and the spacing.

For example: 3 rhinestones, size 30ss set apart 1/2 inch will cover 1.75 inches. (1/4" for stone and 1/2" for the space.
See the illustration below:

30ss Rhinestones with ruler

Square Area Estimator©

1. Enter Area to Cover
2. Select Rhinesttone size from List:
Stone Size in SS
Approx. Gross Needed:
Interlaced Set
Square Set
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Single Row Estimator©

1. Enter Single Row Length:
Length (in inches)
2. Select Stone size from List:
Stone Size in SS
Approx. Gross Needed:
# of stones needed:
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