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By completing a transaction with Rhinestone Guy LLC, via our E Commerce site, telephone, E Mail, or PayPal you acknowledge that you understand the terms, conditions and policies of our business and web site.

Discrepancy Policy

Please check order upon receipt. Any discrepancies or questions must be reported within 5 days. Do not open any sealed packages if you believe they are incorrect.
Return Policy
ALL SALES ARE FINAL - No Returns - No Exchanges.

We strongly advise purchasing A Rhinestone Sample card before purchasing Rhinestones. All Sizes and Colors are shown in actual Rhinestones on an 8 1/2 X 11" Window Pane version. They are laminated and set on a durable plastic sheet so you can lay them over your project.

IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO SPEFICY HOT FIX, if you need hot fix rhinestones when you call in an order. Otherwise, we will assume you are looking for Flat Back rhinestones and that is what will be charged and shipped, and the stones will be yours to keep. Please be prepared and specific.

While we may suggest colors to you upon request, we will not be responsible if these colors does not match. We cannot match sizes or color from E Mailed photos. You are responsible for the color, size, and quantity decision.

Due to our very low prices, we cannot offer returns or exchanges. You order it - You own it. Please know exactly what you want when ordering. WE DO NOT SEND SAMPLES. Special order cannot be cancelled.
Color Disclaimer
Do not rely on your computer monitor or other electronic devices to represent the colors as depending on your monitor, video card and monitor's resolution colors may vary. We did our best to represent the colors. We highly recommend that your purchase a Sample Card for accurate colors.

Please note: Rhinestones and jewels, as they manufactured in different times, have slight color variations. While many are very consistent, color may differ. AB and Effect Color Stones, may have greater color variation from size to size and from batch to batch.

CA Proposition 65 & Lead Notice
Rhinestones, crystals and jewels sold by Rhinestone Guy contain small amounts of lead. According to the State of California, consuming foods or beverages that have been kept or served in leaded crystal products or handling products made of leaded crystal will expose you to lead, a chemical known to cause cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm.

Consumers purchasing our products a acknowledging that they understand the above and that they are taking full responsibility and use our products at their own risk.

State and Federal Laws have become strict on the use of Lead-containing "anything" on children's clothing (age 12 and younger). Learn these laws and observe them. For additional lead information read here.
Consumer Product Notice: Choking Hazards
Loose rhinestones, nailheads, jewels and other small objects represent a choking hazard to children and pets. Do not allow children or pets access to these items. Our products are sold for novelty only and are not intended for use by infants or toddlers or children. Customers placing an order for kids are acknowledging that they are taking full responsibility and are used at customers own risk. Customers also acknowledge that products sent by Rhinestones Guy including Transfer designs may detach, come loose, come apart, or pose a health hazard if swallowed.

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