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Czech Preciosa rhinestone Flat BackRhinestones by Czech Preciosa Flat Back crystals Viva 12

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Czech Preciosa New Color Launch

Czech Preciosa Crystal Components began in the glassmaking world going back more than five centuries to 1548 in the Crystal Valley of Bohemia. Founded upon the ideals of quality, durability and innovation, Preciosa has throughout the centuries achieved new technological breakthroughs and introduced the world over to the truly captivating and timeless quality of authentically crafted Bohemian crystal. For centuries, Bohemia, a part of the Czech Republic, has been known for its crystal. It was here where the art of crystal cutting was perfected.

Czech Preciosa flat back MC Chaton Rose VIVA 12®, are 100% sourced and produced in the Czech Republic according to EU guidelines and the highest standards of environmental responsibility.

Czech rhinestones come in multitude of colors. Consult your color sample card. The VIVA 12 as its name stated features 12 facets. The crystals have a flat back surface with multilayer silver foiling making them suitable for a wide range of applications.Very High Quality, 12 facets for maximum light reflection...lots of flash!

The rhinestone colors are excellent, and the AB versions are terrific. Do not underestimate the beauty of these rhinestones ...excellent value and excellent choice of stones. Czech Preciosa flat back rhinestones are sold as follows:

  • 6ss to 16ss - minimum purchase 1 gross
  • 20ss to 30ss - minimum purchase 1/2 gross
  • 34ss to 48ss - minimum purchase 1 Dozen

CP Color Chart

For best pricing you should consider purchasing bulk packages. These are factory sealed packages and are discounted. It means Same Size / Same color:

  • 6ss to 20ss - 10 Gross Package (1,440 rhinestones)
  • 30ss and 34ss - 2 Gross Package (288 rhinestones)
  • 40ss is packed by the Gross (144 rhinestones) &
  • 48ss is packed 1/2 Gross ( 72 pieces)to 48ss - minimum purchase 1/2 gross


If you need for example 12 Gross of 20ss rhinestones, 10 will be at the Package Price and the 2 will be at the regular Gross price.

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