What Are the Best Rhinestones I should Use in My Business?

Preciosa® or Rhinestone Guy Crystals?


We get many calls from people who are starting various businesses or expanding existing businesses that want to incorporate rhinestones, jewels, nailheads and trim.  Of course, Swarovski or Czech Preciosa rhinestones are first on their mind... but does it make business sense?  Well it all depends. EVERY TYPE OF STONE HAS ITS USES.

Here is a reality...

A REBA™ rhinestone loaded shirt at Dillard's department store costs somewhere around $60 - $80 (unless they are on sale).  The shirts' design has hundreds of very small rhinestones or studs.  The design is created with acrylics stones or hotfix nailheads that are inexpensive.  To same design with a Preciosa rhinestones will bring prices to the high hundreds and not many would buy them.  But the shirts are selling and selling well.
Why are they selling?  Because the design is attractive and the shirt sparkles.  You can do an elaborate design at a price that will leave you profits.  How?  by using, for example, RG2 rhinestones purchased at wholesale prices.  These rhinestones' grade is above the department store one.  Using the RG Premium ones, will elevate the same items even further and still allowing you to make money.

Here are a few questions or matters to evaluate...

- Are they buying my product because it sparkles or because it is a specific brand?  Most purchase everyday items because they sparkle.  Many folks WANT Swarovski (which is no longer available) because they know the name and it is an outstanding quality rhinestone,  BUT, they are NOT willing to pay the price.

- What are the people who I am selling to are willing to pay?  You will need to do a bit search in the market you are planning to sell in.  Having said that, If you are going to tell folks that you are using the Swarovski rhinestones, you NEED to use Swarovski Rhinestones.  Different market and different items will have a different price tolerance.  Rodeo Drive, California customers will pay a whole lot more than the folks at the South Florida Fair.

- Will I make money on the items?You will need to analyse how much the items will cost you to make.  For example if you do a shirts - The rhinestones, The shirts, the time and labor for the design and the creation.  That would give you the cost to produce the item.  Then you will need to add your profit (Yes, isn't it the whole point?) and you can arrive at the Selling Price.  Then compare that you the question above. If you are not using a lot of stones, have your pick and be sure to calculate. But if you have larger quantities of rhinestones, the step is important.

What the purpose or use of the item?A jacket, that will be kept for a long time, would tolerate higher price stones and it will be kept a whole lot longer than an everyday T shirt.  Is this for a competition?  Level and age of competitors, how many time the item will be worn, the venue and lighting etc... should all be a consideration. 

Each rhinestone brand has it uses and purpose. So before you go and invest a lot of money in any type of rhinestones, do your research and analysis and make an educated purchase.



Rhinestone Decorated Coach™ Bag

The bag is expensive and will be used for a long time.
Rhinestones used Czech Preciosa in Light Rose and Rose.


Coach Bag decorated with Rhinestones

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