Rhinestone Guy's Rhinestone Projects & Ideas

Below are items that we bling for ourselves....
As you will see just about anything can be rhinestoned (is this a verb?)...

Rhinestone Decorated Lap Top or ART?

Yes, I have gone Crazy... The Laptop is totally covered with 6ss rhinestones.

This laptop is in our show room.. I wonder why anyone who visits us want to touch it?

Rhinestone Lap Top

Rhinestone Decorated Motorcycle

20 SS Fire Opal by Swarovski was used to create a one-of-a-kind show winning Goldwing 1800 Flame Pattern on this motorcycle. GemTac glue was used to apply the stones, and none have come off, even after repeated washings and cleanings. This bike attracts unbelievable attention on the highway!! Helmet is flamed with Fire Opal to complete the look. It took 140 gross of rhinestones to produce this job, well worth it.

Motorcycle with rhinestone flames

The same can be done to cars...be the first on your block to make an outrageous statement! SEE BELOW

Decorate you Jeans for a spectacular look

Jeans with RhinestonesUse flat back rhinestones and glue...go to town to lay down stones in a pattern. Or, Create a transfer with heat set rhinestones to make patterns. Add our single row point-back rhinestone belt and strut your stuff.


Rhinestone Jeans close up


Car Decorations

We love decorating our cars... Grills, license plates, emblems and decals. Here are some sample we have done through the years, all you need is a decal, rhinestones, glue, applicator sticks and patience:

Corvette Rhinestone Decal

Mopar Emblem with Capri Blue Rhinestones Dodge Ram Decal with Hematite rhinestones Rhinestone Car

Rhinestone Decorated Coach Bag


Coach Bag decorated with Rhinestones

Our Customers also share.... Thank you... Wayne!

Racing Bike Embelished with RhinestonesClose up of rhinestoned racing motorcycle

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