Hot Fixing Rhinestones with a hot fix applicator

A Hot Fix applicator is used to apply rhinestones individually. You must have Hot Fix Rhinestones. The various hot fix tools come with a variety of interchangeable tips.

Kandi Professional Touch Hot Fix Rhinestone Applicator


Here are the steps:

◾ Select the correct tip for the size rhinestone you are setting....all tips are clearly labeled as to size: 6SS, 10SS, (12SS is available as a separate tip for $ 2.25) 16SS, 20SS, 30SS, or 34SS

◾ IF you are setting nailheads, use the flat tip.

◾ Plug unit into regular wall socket.... 115Volts or 215 volts..the unit doesn't care, 60hz or 50 hz ...doesn't matter..

◾ Allow unit to warm up about 2 will be ready to go.

◾ Dump stones into a saucer. Place garment on heat resistant surface, face up where you want to apply may want to place a layer of scrape fabric between the layers if you are rhinestoning shirts. This will prevent the possibility of glue seeping through the upper layer and leaving a mark on the other side.

◾ Use the stones that are FACE UP in the saucer! Push the correct tip over the stone, hold up and watch for glue to melt.

◾ As soon as the glue melts, push rhinestone to fabric and immediately withdraw the Kandi NOT leave it on the stone ...just push and pull. The stone will freeze to the fabric and pull free from the Kandi Kane.

◾ IF you leave the tip on the stone while on the fabric, the glue will wick away from the stone, the stone will stay in the applicator tip, and you will have a mess to deal with....just down and up ...simple as that.

◾ Pick up another stone and repeat until you have the all the stones in place.

◾ Keep tips clean by using the Kandi Kane applicator tip cleaning brush $ 4.00 from Rhinestone Guy or a small bristle brush (the kind you use to clear the grill).


Kandi Pro: Our choice for the hobbyist or commercial use, heats very fast, ergonomically designed grip...easy to hold over long periods of time. $ 24.95

The Kandi Kane unit is the easiest to use on the market, always works if you do exactly as I have written above. Failures happen when application is incorrect...Good luck and have some fun. Use Heat Set stones on FABRIC ONLY! These stones will NOT stick to metal, rubber, plastic, or anything that is not fabric...they may seem to hold, but they will fall off if not on fabric. If you need to stone non-fabric items, use Gem Tac glue and Non-heat set stones (regular flat backs).

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