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What Rhinestones Shall I use?

Swarovski, Czech Preciosa,
RG Studio or RG Premium Crystals?

This is a frequent question customers ask us: what brand of rhinestone to use. So I will answer like a true politician… it depends. Personally, I use all the crystal brands depending on my projects. Each brand of stones has it purpose, uses and its associated price. Following are some stone selection considerations.

Consider the occasion and article/project 

Different venues may call for different stones. For a black tie event, an expensive designer bag or shoes, use Swarovski crystals or Czech Preciosa stones. But a T-shirt for one time use at a company picnic can be embellished with a less expensive stone choice. For a riding showmanship jacket or stage costume consider the RG Premiums.

Consider the colors. 

Color consideration may affect your decision. The different brands offer different colors and color variations, different stone effects and coatings. Swarovski’s shimmer rhinestones are different from their original Color AB stones. Coated stones change the color of the original based color stones. Some change drastically, creating a completely different colors. Coated stones do not sparkle more than their standard counterparts. They sparkle differently.

Consider the statement you want to make.

Working with small stones is tedious. It much easier and faster to bling a shoe with larger size stones (SS16 or SS20) then using SS7 stones. The look is different. Both will sparkle a lot, but the smaller stones can be blinding since you have so many more of them. Nails will look elegant in smaller stone designs and or the crystalpixie™ petite or bubble. But if you have a statement to make larger shapes and crystal pixie Edge will be a way to go. For a stage performance ask yourself the question. Do you want as we call it here “in your face” sparkle or a soft and subtle effect? Where would you like the focus to be? Are you in small setting, stage or in an arena? How far is the audience from you?

It is OK to mix and match stones from the various manufacturers.   Different colors sizes and shapes will produce different effects.  Sample cards are your best planning tool.  They give you a reference with actual stones, selected shapes, pearls and nailheads, sizes and colors. Swarovski and Czech Preciosa release new colors and remove colors from production based on customer demands. If you have older sample card(s) keep in mind that some of the colors you choose may not be available. Always have an option, a plan B. Age and how many times the garment will be worn may come into play.

Ask questions, use your judgment and work with your budgetRemember, we are here to help! 

Of most importance, have fun.  It is rhinestones!

How do you attached your stones?
Do you hotfix or glue stones?

Again, the short answer it depends. I mostly glue. For most of my projects glue is more suitable. I embellish signs, car decals or license plates with gluing techniques. But when I work with clothing or my hats I either hotfix the stones or set them with rims or tiffany settings. Gluing may be faster on the front end, but you have to let the glue and stones time to set. With individual hot fix setter stone placement, it takes a bit longer on the front end but once the stone is applied it is done.

Hot fixing to fabric is a more substantial method of application. It will endure laundering better. It will also bring a higher resale value if the garment, dress or customer, is sold after its use.

Next articles are about about various application techniques.

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