Swarovski Flat Back Rhinestones - Art. 2058 & Art 2088

Effective May 2021 Swarovski discontinued distribution of crystal loose components to consumers, worldwide. Once our Swarovski stock is depleted, the crystals will no longer be available for purchase. As discontinued products, the stock,availability and pricing, are maintained only at our E Commerce Shop. A direct link below.


Swarovski 2088 Xirius Rose Flat Back Rhinestones are the latest production of Swarovski Crystals introduced in 2014. Swarovski rhinestone are cut to be highly reflective. These crystal are available from 12ss and up. The 2058 Xilion Rose Enhanced flat back rhinestones are still produced in the smaller sizes.

To learn about the style difference, see close up photos of the stones, and additional information see the link on the right.

Swarovski 2088 and 2058 Flat Back Rhinestones Line Drawing

Swarovski rhinestones are sold as follows:

  • 3ss to 4ss - minimum purchase 10 gross
  • 5ss to 16ss - minimum purchase 1 gross
  • 20 ss to 30ss - minimum purchase 1/2 gross
  • 34ss to 48ss - minimum purchase 1 Dozen

Swarovski crystals come in multitude of colors and graduating sizes. Consult your color sample card.

Swarovski's AB colors were replaced with Shimmers, an updated coating that creates a lot of flash and sparkle. See photos in the link below:


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2088 Xirius Rose Cut.
Swarovski Xirius 2088 Crystal AB Rhinestone Chart

2058 Xilion Rose Cut.
Swarovski 2058 Rhinestone Crystal AB Chart

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