Swarovski Round Chaton (Pointed Back) stones

Effective May 2021 Swarovski discontinued distribution of crystal loose components to consumers, worldwide. Once our Swarovski stock is depleted, the crystals will no longer be available for purchase.

Great Deals, Limited Supply on Swarovski Pointed Back Stones

Great prices on Swarovski vintage stock of pointed back rhinestones in various sizes and colors. Older articles, 1100, 1012 and 1028 plus leftover stock of Swarovski 1088.

The stones are foiled and available from PP7 up to SS34. Limited quantities, while supply lasts. This is a great opportunity for those who repair jewelry as the prices are unbelievable.

Point back rhinestones are measured from PP (Pearl Plate) very small to (SS) Stone Size. Their sizes are in a range. Size shown is the middle of the range. All our pointed back are foiled gold or silver.

Swarovski Point Backs are only available at our E Commerce shop

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