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Most rhinestones are produced in low lead to comply with regulations pertaining to lead levels in goods. Some goods from around the world still contain higher levels of lead. Both Swarovski and Czech Preciosa have moved to Lead Free formulas in their products. We still carry some goods containing lead. See details below. If you have concerns, please ask the questions.

We are NOT saying you cannot do as you want with personal clothing. Your kids do not eat their clothing. Costumes are worn for a few minutes, then removed. Tee shirts are really not hazardous unless you eat them, and even then, you must be relatively young for anything that MIGHT happen (some of us are far more sensitive to elements and compounds than others) to happen.

Manufacturers and those who RESELL clothing or goods need to familiarize themselves with laws regarding lead in the states they operate in or sell to.

Lead Crystal jewelry does not damage adults. Lead Oxide, used in producing Lead Crystal, is actually encapsulated in silica (melted sand) and relatively safe unless subjected to highly acidic conditions for extended times.

BUT to Infants and young 'ins ....please take no chances...it is not your body, not your children's children's bodies to make decisions for. Play it safe! Lead is a chemical known to the State of California and other governmental agencies to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Truly Lead-Free Rhinestones do not exist, but in Low Lead rhinestones the amount of lead in these items will be well below required levels. We refer to them as lead compliant.

Lead Crystal (noun)
Definition: "glass for making tableware: glass containing a high proportion of lead, used to make decorative items, especially tableware".

Some of our products contain lead. If you are concerned about lead, we will be happy to check on any item for you. Brands of rhinestones that contain lead are listed, but not limited to:

Swarovski and Czech Preciosa: Older stock of rhinestones, jewels, pendants and drops.

Current production of Swarovski crystals and PreciosaRhinestones is Lead Compliant

Some RG Premium Rhinestones and Jewels

ABIDE by the laws, different states have different rules and regulations. Get familiar with them.
Do not sell or use rhinestones with lead contenct on products your re-sell for infants and children. You will be much better off.
AND, if you try to sell clothing to most retail establishments, they will want to see certification of LEAD to meet standards set forth by law!


You can read the Swarovski Lead Compliance Advanced Crystal Standard leaflet


Swarovski and Czech Preciosa Lead Compliance Information


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