Swarovski Colors Cross Reference to Preciosa® Colors

Following is a chart to assist in the transition from Swarovski to Preciosa colors. Most color with the same name cross over directly but not all. The crossover of standard color could be to either Preciosa Maxima or Preciosa VIVA. Swarovski Shimmers are a better cross over to the Maxima AB. We excluded some colors that do not have a direct crossover. We can, however, help you find a suitable exchagne, so please call. These apply to Preciosa Maxima and Preciosa VIVA rhinestone colors.

We strongly suggest that you purchase a rhinestone sample card as they feature actual rhinestones including all sizes. The following is a large image and may take a while to load

swarovski preciosa cross over chart 1 swarovski preciosa cross over chart 2

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