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Pearls are timeless an classy. Incorporating them into dance costumes, western wear, evening or bridal wear and even everyday wear, will add a level of sophistication and luxury. They will create a glamorous yet softer look.
We carry RG Premium Flat back pearls, Swarovski Pearls, Flat Back, Art. 5817; Swarovski Hot Fix Pearls, Art. 2080/4; and RG Hot Fix Pearls. Hot fix pearls, can be glued. Each are available in selected colors and sizes.

RG Premium Pearl Cabochons

Rhinestone Guy flat back Pearl Cabochon, are acrylic, half domed and available in various sizes and a beautiful selection of colors. They are light with pearly sheen surface. The colors range from pure white to black with a variety of colors that will work with a great color variety of rhinestones and jewels. They range in sizes 4mm to 11mm (SS16 to SS48).
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Rhinestone Guy Flat Back Pearls
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Acrylic Flat Back Pearls
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Swarovski 5817 Pearl Cabochons

Swarovski Article 5817, Domed Pearl Cabochon, are exquisite. Designed to imitate real pearls the feature a beautiful sheen surface. They are half drilled and have a flat back for gluing. They are made of crystal and are coated to perfection by Swarovski innovative process. We bring you 3 sizes, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm is a selected variety of colors. Additional colors can be ordered by special order.
Swarovski Art. 5817 Pearl Cabochons
Swarovski 5817 Pearl Cabochons
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Flat Back Pearls
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Swarovski Hot Fix Pearls, Art. 2080/4

Swarovski 2080/4 Hot Fix faux pearl flat back cabochons are domed, smooth with a pearly finish. The pearls be hot fixed with either a heat press or hand held hot fix tool. While they are hot fix, they can also be glued.
Swarovski Art 2080 Hot Fix Pearls
Swarovski 2080 Hot Fix Pearl
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Hot Fix (Flat Back) Pearls
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RG Hot Fix Pearls

Hot Fix Pearls are flat back with a domed shape featuring dimension and depth. They are available in for great colors: Natural Pearl, Blonde Pearl, Silver Pearl, Hematite (almost black) pearl and Pink.
We have them in a great selection of sizes from 3mm up to 13mm (1/2 inch).
Hot Fix Pearls can also be glued as well as be used with hot fix / heat transfer tools. Mounting may require a bit work as they are shallower, not half round. Because of the material they are made of the time it takes to melt the glue is shorter then a rhinestones.
Hot Fix Pearls
RG Natural Pearls
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Hot Fix Pearls
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