RG Baguette Sew On

      Rhinestone Guy's Sew On Baguettes are crystal flat back glass jewels with 2 holes drilled on each side for sewing. The baguettes feature foil on the back of the stone for extra reflection. Sewing jewels are great for added style and sparkle. These baguettes are cut in a step cut for maximum shine.

      These stones are part of our private line of sew on jewels, providing excellent quality and shine at a great price.

      They are available in two sizes 18x6mm and 26x9mm in Crystal and Crystal AB, Jet and our Special Effect Colors as shown below.

      RG Baguette Sew On Crystal AB

      RG Baguette Sew On Crystal RG Baguette Sew On Crystal AB RG Baguette Sew On Jet Black
      RG Baguetee Sew On Dark Honey RG Baguette Sew On Hematite RG Baguette Sew On Light Honey RG Baguette Sew On Silver Night
      RG Baguettes Sew On (flat back) Crystals are sold as follows:1 Dozen = 12 pieces; and Each - as noted.
      Bulk Prices (discounted)- quantities as noted:
      Size Quantity Crystal & Jet Crystal AB & Effects
      18x6mm 1 Dozen (12) $5.99 $7.49
      26x9mm 1 EACH $1.69 $1.99
      26x9mm 1 Dozen (12) $9.69 $11.09

      Bulk Discounted Prices

      18x6mm 6 Dozen (72) $30.59 $38.19
      26x9mm 4 Dozen (48) $32.99 $37.69

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