Preciosa Flat Back Rhombus (Diamond) Rhinestone Shape

      Czech Preciosa Rhombus is a diamond shape flat back crystal inspired by Art Deco architecture. While the crystal shape is diamond shaped, it has soft rounded edges. The shape features symmetric multi facets going outward from the center. It is geometric, versatile and brilliant. It is silver foiled for extra reflection. Rhinestone shapes are great for added design details. The smallest size rhombus is a great choice for nail art.

      Rhombus crystals are available in Crystal, Crystal AB and Jet and are sold by the Gross (144 pieces) or 1/2 Gross (72 pieces), Dozen (12 pieces) or in Bulk, discounted, factory sealed package.

      The Preciosa rhombus can be an alternative to the Swarovski 2709 Rhombus.

      Larger flat back Diamond shapes are also available from Czech preciosa in an assortment of colors - see them here...



      Brand: Czech Preciosa

      Origin: Czech Republic

      Name: Rhombus

      RG Ref #: 301R

      Czech Preciosa Rhombus Diagram

      Czech Preciosa Flat Back Rhombus Sizes

      Czech Preciosa Rhombus Crystal Flat Back Czech Preciosa Rhombus Crystal AB Flat Back Czech Preciosa Rhombus Jet Black

      Czech Preciosa Flat Back Rhombus Crystals are sold as follows:1 Dozen = 12 pieces; 1/2 Gross = 72 pieces; Gross = 144 pieces; 5 Gross = 720 pieces
      Bulk Prices (discounted)- quantities as noted: 1 Gross = 144 pieces;
      Size Quantity Crystal Crystal AB Jet
      6x4mm 1 Dozen (12) $5.69 $6.89 N/A
      10x6mm 1 Dozen (12) $7.59 $8.99 $8.29
      6x4mm 1/2 Gross (72) $28.59 $34.19 N/A
      10x6mm 1/2 Gross (72) $41.49 $49.89 $45.69
      6x4mm 1 Gross (144) $52.79 $63.29 N/A
      10x6mm 1 Gross (144) $68.39 $82.29 $75.29

      Bulk Discounted Prices

      6x4mm 5 Gross (720) $229.29 $275.09 N/A
      10x6mm 1 Gross (144) $68.39 $82.29 $75.29

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