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Diamond Shape Jewels (Rauten Rose)

Art. 9239 - Flat Back

Diamond Shape jewels from Czech preciosa (article 9239, Rauten Roses) are an excellent choice for large geometric designs. Great for show shirts, costumes, jewelry pieces, craft project, and more. Incorporate the two sizes for extra dimension and fun, see photo below.

They feature raised faceted layers that give them height and substance. They are made of pressed glass, flat back, and foiled back for extra reflection and shine.

They come in two sizes. 16mmx10mm (almost 3/4" inch tall) or 26mmx16.5mm (about 1 Inch tall). They are just exquisite.

We see these shapes by the Dozen, and the large size can be purchased individually.

9239 Diamond Shape Flat Back Jewel Rhinestone 9239 Diamond Shape Crystal 9239 Diamond Crystal AB

In addition to Crystal and Crystal AB, they are available in the following colors:

9239 Diamond Amethyst 9239 Black Diamond 9239 Diamond Emerald 9239 Diamond Hematite 9239 Diamond Jet Black 9239 Diamond Montana Blue 9239 Diamond Ruby Red Czech 9239 Topaz


9239 Diamond Shape Bermuda Blue 9239 Diamond Iris Blue 9239 Diamond Iris BrownCzech Preciosa 9239 Vitrail Medium

The are sold as follows:
1 Dozen = 12 pieces
  •   Size
  • 16x10mm
  • 26x16.5mm
  • Crystal
  • $8.49
  • $21.59
  • Crystal AB
  • $12.49
  • $24.89
  • Hematite
  • $12.49
  • $24.89
  • Colors
  • $8.49
  • $24.89
  • Each
  • N/A
  • $4.39
Vitrail Medium Rauten Jewels Concept Iris Brown 9239 Diamond Shape Concept Iris Blue 9239 Diamond Shape Concept
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