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Czech Preciosa Flat Back Baguette (Rectangle) Rhinestone Shape

Czech Preciosa Flat Back Baguettes are geometric rectangle crystals with a flat table top. They are available in 5x2.5mm in Crystal, Crystal AB and Jet. They are small, flat back, with a height of approx. a 20ss rhinestones. As such they can be used for high-detail designs and nail art. The rhinestone shapes are silver foiled for for extra reflection.

They are available in Crystal, Crystal AB and Jet (black).

The baguettes are sold by the Gross (144 Pieces) or 1/2 Gross (72 pieces) , Dozen (12 pieces) or in Bulk, discounted, factory sealed package.


Brand: Czech Preciosa

Origin: Czech Republic

Name: Baguette Flat Back


RG Ref #: 301B

Czech Preciosa Baguette Diagram

Czech Presioca Baguette Colors

Czech Preciosa Baugette Crystal Czech Preciosa Baguette Crystal AB Czech Preciosa Baguette Jet

Czech Preciosa Baguette Prices

Dozen = DZ = 12 pieces;
1/2 Gross (Gr) = 72 pieces;
1 Gross (Gr) = 144 pieces;
10 Gross = 1,440 pieces
  •   Size
  • 5x2.5mm-1 dz
  • 5x2.5mm-1/2 Gr
  • 5x2.5mm-1 Gr
  •   Bulk
  • 5x2.5mm -10 Gr
  • Crystal
  • $1.69
  • $8.09
  • $14.89
  • Crystal
  • $122.59
  • Crystal AB
  • $1.99
  • $9.29
  • $17.19
  • Crystal AB
  • $141.19
  • Jet
  • $2.19
  • $10.59
  • $19.69
  • Jet
  • $162.49

Czech Preciosa Baguette Crystal Czech Preciosa Baguette Crystal AB Czech Preciosa Baguette Jet

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