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Swarovski Rhinestones

Rhinestone Style 2058 Flat Backs
and 2038 Hot Fix

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Swarovski Flat Backs,
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Swarovski Color Chart
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Swarovski elements is the premium brand for the finest crystals manufactured by Swarovski from Austria. Swarovski rhinestones have set the standards for the rhinestone manufacturing industry.

Swarovski Rhinestones at Wholesale Prices for everyone!

The term rhinestones at "wholesale" price is overused. Just check out our Bulk Prices (yes, wholesale means buying a factory sealed package, flat back or hot fix). Smaller quantities available. Just call and order as needed:
Red JewelNo special account to set up
Greem ButtonNo documents to send - tax id's, resale certificate (except FL), business license, etc...
Orange ButtonImmediate Stock Check and Same Day Shipping (order by 2pm)
Purple Button Free US Priority Mail shipping for orders over $75, every day of the week (US Domestic Mail Only)

Swarovski Flat Back Rhinestones
(Glue On or Mount)

Rhinestone CalculatorSwarovski Crystallized Elements
Art. 2058....Flat Back

Swarovski 2058 Xilion Rose Enhanced flat back rhinestones are the latest production of Swarovski Elements. Replacing the prior production, Swarovski 2028, the new rhinestone 2058 design was introduced in 2011 featuring 14 facets with higher profile and smaller table top. Swarovski rhinestone are cut to be highly reflective. These flat back rhinestones, or crystals, can be applied with glue or by using metal settings to secure them to fabric.

Swarovski Rhinestone 2058New From Swarovski Xirius Rhinestones

NewSwarovski Paradise Shine Rhinestone Color
Swarvoski introduces its latest color addition,
Crystal Paradise Shine.
This is an Effect rhinestones featuring a vibrant mix of bold shades of purples, blue and green.

Click HereAll Crystal AB and Standard Colors Style 2028 Swarovski Rhinestones now on clearance. Flat backs and hot fix rhinestones at low low prices! Limited supply

Swarovski Dark Indigo Swarovski Greige Swarovski Indian Siam Swarovski Metallic Blue
Swarovski Crystal Moonlight Swarovski Pacific Opal Swarovski Vintage Rose

New colors added to our line up. When our customers we listen
Dark Indigo, a beautiful deep blue; Greige a different gray;
Indian Siam a true red between light siam and siam;blue metallic;
crystal moonlight a pretty pale silver, very shiny with a color between crystal and crystal silver shade;
pacific opal and opalescent mint green and vintage rose.

Swarovski Astral Pink RhinestoneLimited Edition (while supply lasts): Swarovski’s Astral Pink rhinestones 20ss Flat Backs only. The color is an amazing blend of colors of sun, pinks and fuchsia. Can be integrated with these standard rhinestones for special effect and unique look. The rhinestone is an effect stone. We also carry Astral Pink Swarovski 3230 sew on pears

All Prices per 144 each (1 Gross)
EXCEPT 48SS which is sold in Packages of 72 (1/2 Gross)

Need larger Quantities? Check our Bulk Pricing

One (1) Gross Prices, 144 each

Size Size Crystal Crystal AB Color Colors AB Aurum
(2 Gr min)
1.8 mm $4.89 $6.69 $5.69 $7.69 $9.49
(2 Gr min)
2 mm $4.89 $6.69  N/A N/A N/A
(2 Gr min)
2.2 mm $4.89 $6.69 $5.69 $7.69 $9.49
(2 Gr min)
2.3 mm $4.89 $6.69 N/A N/A N/A
(2 Gr min)
2.6 mm $4.89 $6.69 $5.69 $7.69 $9.49
(2 Gr min)
2.8mm $4.89 $6.69 N/A N/A N/A
3 mm $4.99 $6.89 $5.89 $7.89 $10.49
4 mm $6.69 $8.69 $7.19 $9.69 $14.95
4.7 mm $8.19 $11.99 $10.29 $13.49 $20.99
6.4 mm $17.09 $26.39 $21.29 $28.99 $41.99
7.1 mm $17.59 $26.99 $21.99 $29.59 $43.49
8.6 mm $27.99 $38.99 $37.59* $46.99* N/A

48SS  1/2 Gross

11 mm $28.49 $36.79 Sold by Dozen N/A N/A
* See Colors Availability in the table below

Half (1/2) Gross Prices, 72 each

Size Quantity Crystal Crystal AB Color Colors AB Aurum
1/2 Gross $9.99 $14.49 $12.79 $18.29 $23.99
1/2 Gross
1/2 Gross


1/2 Gross $28.49 $36.79 sold by Dozen N/A N/A
Size Crystal Crystal AB Colors* Color AB*
40SS $3.99/Dozen $4.89/Dozen $4.99*/Dozen $8.99*/Dozen * SEE BELOW THE COLORS AVAILABLE FOR BOTH THE 40SS AND THE 48SS. 48SS RHINESTONES ARE VINTAGE (ART. 2000)
48SS $8.29/Dozen $9.89/Dozen $8.99*/Dozen N/A


Bulk Pricing: Swarovski Flat Back Rhinestones

Size Gross/ Package Crystal Crystal AB Colors Colors AB/Effects Aurum
5SS 10 Gross $30.19 $41.69 $35.49 $46.29 $82.79
6SS 10 Gross $30.19 $41.69 N/A N/A N/A
7SS 10 Gross $30.19 $41.69 $35.49 $46.29 $82.79
8SS 10 Gross $30.19 $41.69 N/A N/A N/A
9SS 10 Gross $30.19 $41.69 $35.49 $46.29 $82.79
10SS 10 Gross $30.19 $41.69 N/A N/A N/A
12SS 10 Gross $34.99 $47.59 $40.89 $53.59 $89.99
16SS 10 Gross $45.19 $64.19 $52.49 $71.59 $126.99
20SS 10 Gross $63.09 $89.89 $73.49 $101.39 $176.99
30SS 2.5 Gross $34.49 $47.39 $40.49 $53.59 $87.99

We carry Swarovski 40ss in the following colors, these are either 2028 or 2058 whatever is available from the factory.

40SS Rhinestones are available in the following colors:
Article 2012, 2028 or 2058 whatever is available
Amethyst Jet AB Montana Blue
Aquamarine Jonquil Olivine
Black Diamond Light Amethyst Peridot
Blue Zircon Light Colorado Topaz Peridot AB
Capri Blue Light Rose Purple Velvet
Emerald Light Rose AB  Rose
Fuchsia Light Sapphire Siam
Golden Shadow Light Sapphire AB Siam AB
Hyacinth Light Siam, Smoke Topaz
Jet Light Siam AB Topaz
48ss Rhinestones are available in the following colors and are Vintage
Article 2000 except for Emerald that is also available in 2012
Amethyst Chrysolite Lt. Olivine
Aqua Emerald / Emeral 2012 Montana
Blue Zircon Green Tourmaline Olivine
Cardinal (Light Purple) Jonquil Peridot
Citrine (47SS) Light Colorado Topaz -2028 Smoke Topaz
Colorado Topaz Light Sapphire Sun


Swarovski Hot Fix (Iron On) Rhinestones (Swarovski Crystallized Elements)

Swarovski 2038 Xilion Rose Enhanced hot fix rhinestones are the latest production of Swarovski Elements.

As of April 2012, Swarovski started replacing Art. 2028 (Hot Fix rhinestones) with Art. 2038. This switch will take more than a year or so to complete. The cut is similar to Art. 2028, but the stone is a bit taller, resulting in larger side facets and a smaller table (top). Many of the hot fix AB colors will not be available under the new production. The Czech Preciosa Rhinestones, Hot Fix AB colors are a great alternative. Furthermore, the GLUE color changed and is no longer gray.

2028 Heat Fix

Please Note! When ordering Hot Fix Rhinestones, PLEASE tell us you want Hot Fix/Iron On rhinestones. Otherwise, you will receive regular flat back rhinestones.

Swarovski HF Rhinestones are available in all Transparent Colors, many Effect Colors, Crystal, and Crystal AB.
Colors AB are available in 6SS, 10SS, 16SS, and 20SS...
we stock a few Colors AB in 12SS.

We carry Swarovski Hot Fix Jewels. To compliment your design we carry Hot Fix nail heads.

 Crystallized Swarovski Elements, Art. 2028 or 2038 Hot Fix Rhinestones

For use in Rhinestone Transfers or with the Kandi Kane (Crystal Crafter) applicator.

Prices per gross (144 rhinestones) Need larger quantities? Check our bulk pricing.


One (1) Gross Prices, 144 each

Size Size in mm Crystal Crystal AB Colors Colors AB Aurum
6ss and 10ss 2.8 (2 Gross Min) $5.19 $6.89 $6.09 $7.69 $11.59
12 SS 3.1 mm $6.29 $8.29 $7.09 $8.89 N/A
16 SS 3.9 mm $7.99 $10.99 $9.09 $11.89 N/A
20 SS 4.7 mm $10.89 $13.29 $12.29 $15.59 N/A
30 SS 6.4 mm $22.99 $29.99 $26.99 $34.49 N/A
34 SS 7.2 mm $23.99 $31.49 $27.69 $37.79 N/A
40 SS 8.6mm $38.99$54.69 N/A N/A N/A

Half (1/2) Gross Prices, 72 each

Size Quantity Crystal Crystal AB Colors Colors AB  
30ss 1/2 Gross $13.59 $16.39 $15.49 $21.99  
34ss 1/2 Gross $14.39 $18.39 $16.99 $23.39  
40 SS 1/2 Gross $22.99 $31.49 N/A N/A  

Please Note: Colors AB are limited in availability...we carry all that are made, but some colors are not available with AB Coating. This changes weekly. so call if you need colors AB in these stones. We will check stock and let you know. Colors AB are available primarily in 6SS, 10SS, 16SS, and 20SS. These stones are very limited in 12SS size. Colors in 30SS are limited. 34SS offers a complete line of regular colors and all Effect Colors. There are no Colors AB available in 34SS, but this may change from time to time. Plan on 20SS being the largest stone in Colors AB. Effects are available in all sizes except 30SS, Fire Opal is NOT available in size SS6 (not made). Items with * have limited availability ...choose size smaller or size larger to insure that these items are stocked. Ask at time of order!

Bulk pricing: Swarovski HF (Hot Set) Rhinestones: (10 Gross Packages sealed, from Swarovski - except for 30SS - 2.5 Gross)

34SS and 40ss are by the Gross and 48ss is sold in 1/2 packages prices above are already discounted.

Size Gross/ Package Crystal Crystal AB Colors SpeciaL Colors AB
SS 6 and SS 10 10 Gross $38.49 $49.99 $44.59 $55.49
SS 12 10 Gross $45.19 $58.39 $51.39 $64.49
SS 16 10 Gross $60.29 $80.39 $67.89 $88.09
SS 20 10 Gross $85.09 $113.89 $95.99 $124.89
SS30 2.5 Gross $44.99 $58.49 $50.99 $64.39



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