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Swarovski New Xirius StyleSwarovski 2088 Xirius Rose Flat Back Rhinestones are the latest production of Swarovski Crystals introduced in 2014. These rhinestones are available from 12ss and up. The 2058 Xilion Rose Enhanced flat back rhinestones are still produced in the smaller sizes. 

This is a style eveloution and the current production will replace its prior style. The Swarovski 2028 is no longer produced and is available at close out prices in the Swarovski Close Out / Clearance seciton.

The 2058 design was introduced in 2011 featuring 14 facets with higher profile and smaller table top.  For more information about the 2088 click on the link to the right. Swarovski rhinestone are cut to be highly reflective. 

These flat back rhinestones, or crystals, can be applied with glue or by using metal settings to secure them to fabric.


The New 2088 Xirius Rose Cut.
Swarovski Xirius 2088 Crystal AB Rhinestone Chart

The 2058 Xilion Rose Cut.
Swarovski 2058 Rhinestone Crystal AB Chart

Most current stock is style 2058, however, some AB colors and small size rhinestones may be at the 2028 style. Swarovski does not produce all of the AB and Effect colors in all of the sizes. If you have a need for specific style ask before you purchase.

Swarovski rhinestones are sold as follows:

  • 5ss to 10ss stones - minimum 2 gross
  • 12ss to 20ss - minimum purchase 1 gross
  • 30ss to 34ss - minimum purchase 1/2 gross
  • 40ss to 48ss - minimum purchase 1 Dozen


For best pricing you should consider purchasing bulk packages. These are factory sealed packages and are discounted. It means same size & color 5ss to 20ss - 10 Gross package and 30ss - 2.5 Gross Package for the 2058 and 2 Gross Packages for the 2088.

If you need for example 12 Gross of 20ss rhinestones, 10 will be at the Package Price and the 2 will be at the regular Gross price.

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