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Rhinestone Guy Crystals

Rhinestone Guy Crystals is our private line of crystals, jewels, nailheads, specially selected to provide the Best Bling for the Money.

The line includes

  • Rhinestones in three grades RG Studio Crystals, RG Premium Rhinestones and RG2 Rhinestones
  • Hot Fix Nailheads flat styled and convex styles.
  • RG Studio Sew On and RG Premium Sew On Jewels in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes.
  • Hot fix Pearls in five different colors and;
  • Hot fix Turquoise cabochons.

All are carefully selected by us to provide you with affordable quality products for all your project needs. From small quantities to large, wholesale, deep discounted quantities. We got you covered.

RG Premium Flat Back Shapes

The latest addition to the Rhinestone Guy premium products. Larger, Flat Back and Foiled back shapes, in Crystal, Crystal AB and Jet, in larger sizes. No holes, Glue on. Unbelivable flash

.Rhinestone Guy Flat Back Shapesclick here

RG Studio Rhinestons and Sew On Jewels

Made In Austria. Exceptional flash and brilliance from Austria, home of the crystal
with exceptional and affordable prices from Rhinestone Guy

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RG Studio Crystal Rhinestones

RG Studio Sew On JewelsRG Studio Sew On Jewels

RG Premium Best Value!

Rhinestone Guy Premium Rhinestones Rhinestone Guy Premium Rhinestones

RG Sew On Jewels

RG Sew On Jewels

Hot Fix Nail Heads RG Hot Fix Nail Heads

RG Hot Fix Pearls
RG Hot Fix Pearls

RG Hot Fix Turquoise Cabochons
RG Hot Fix Turquoise Cabochons

Rhinestone Guy Clearance
Here you can find at reduced prices
  • RG2 Rhinestones
  • Overstock items
  • Misc. Stuff...
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