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Turquoise "faux" stones (cabochons) are half domed, smooth and have a flat back. These are used instead of real gems and are very popular in western style clothes.
Our Turquoise cabochons have faux veins through them giving them stone look and no two are alike.


We have two type of Turquoise, RG Turquoise and Glass Matrix Cabochons. The Glass Matrix Turquoise Cabochons are taller/deeper and more fragile (they are glass). They are also a bit softer more like a turquoise as it is found in nature (not dyed). The Hot Fix Turquoise have a deeper color and veins but are not as tall.


Hot Fix Turquoise Cabochons

RG Turquoise Cabochon can be either glued or hot fixed.

Hot Fix Turquoise Cabochons

Turquoise Glass Matrix Cabochons

Glass Matrix Cabochons can be either Glued or Mounted

Hand Matrix Turquoise


Glass Turquoise Matrix Cabochon in Setting

Art 1684 Round Cabochon in Setting

Hot Fix Turquoise with RG Convex Cross Stitch
RG Cross Stitch Convex with Turqouise


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