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Czech Preciosa VIVA Machine Cut Rhinestones

Flat Backs
Glue On or Mounting - Not Hot Fix)

Czech Peciosa Flat BackCzech Preciosa MC Color ChartPreciosa® GENUINE CZECH CRYSTAL™ is the brand name for precision-cut crystals. Manufactured in the Czech republic where it all started with bohemian crystal, the inspiration to all rhinestones including Swarovski.

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Sizing Information


New Colors are now available in Flat Back VIVA 12 Rhinestones.

Bermuda BlueHeliotropeVolcano
Bermuda Blue, Heliotrope and Volcano available only in 16ss and 20ss

Czech Rose Opal RhinestoneCzech Rose Opal AB RhinestoneCzech Star Light Gold Rhinestone
Rose Opal features an elegant mix of pink tones that flashes under an opalescent surface. Available in Flat Back as well as with an AB coating that gives it a bit of peachy tones.

The new metallic Crystal Starlight Gold is a highly reflective bronze shade of gold

Czech Preciosa FLAT BACKS
are now available
in size 6ss
Crystal and Crystal AB only!

Czech Preciosa Rhinestones at Wholesale Prices for everyone!

The term rhinestones at "wholesale" price is overused. Just check out our Bulk Prices (yes, wholesale means buying a factory sealed package, flat back or hot fix). Smaller quantities available.

Just call and order as needed:

Red JewelNo special account to set up

Greem ButtonNo documents to send - tax id's, resale certificate (except FL), business license, etc...

Orange ButtonImmediate Stock Check and Same Day Shipping (order by 2pm)

Purple Button Free US Priority Mail shipping for orders over $75, every day of the week (US Domestic Mail Only)


Czech Preciosa: The VIVA 12 cut rhinestone is a Gorgeous stone!  

Rhinestone Guy Says: Stop wasting money and use Czech Preciosa ...sorry to be so blunt, but that is our job.

Even better, consider our the RG Premium All Purpose rhinestones for the best BLING for your money.

Czech Preciosa Machine-Cut rhinestones are an excellent choice and are regarded as an industry rhinestone quality standard. They are somewhat harder than Swarovski rhinestones. The newer stock VIVA has 12 facets, however certain colors still have original 8 facets, particularly smaller stones. Many of the Czech Preciosa colors are very similar to those of Swarovski. However, colors are NOT identical to Swarovski ...consult your color sample card.

Czech Preciosa FLAT BACK Prices: All Prices per 144 each (1 Gross) EXCEPT 48SS which is sold in package of 72 (1/2 Gross),

Need larger Quantities? Check our Bulk Pricing

One (1) Gross Prices, 144 each

Stone Size Price Per Size in mm Crystal Crystal AB Colors Special Colors AB  Aurum 
6 SS Gross 2 (2 Gross Min) $3.39 $4.39 N/A N/A N/A
10 SS Gross 2.8 (2 Gross Min) $3.39 $4.39 $4.09 $5.29 $6.29
12 SS Gross 3.1 mm $3.89 $4.79 $4.39 $5.69 $7.79
16 SS Gross 3.9 mm $4.99 $6.29 $5.99 $7.59 $8.99
20 SS Gross 4.7 mm $6.39 $8.99 $7.99 $10.99 $12.19
30 SS Gross 6.4 mm $14.99 $19.49 $18.69 $22.49 $25.89
34 SS Gross 7.2 mm $17.99 $22.99 $20.49 $25.89 $32.49
40 SS Gross 8.6 mm $22.99 $28.99 $26.99* $35.29* $42.99
48SS 1/2 gross 11 mm $26.59 $28.79 N/A N/A N/A

Half (1/2) Gross Prices, 72 each

Stone Size Quantity Size in mm Crystal Crystal AB Colors Special Colors AB  Aurum 
30 SS 1/2 gross 8.6 mm $8.59 $11.19 $10.79 $12.99 $14.89
34 SS 1/2 gross 8.6 mm $10.39 $13.29 $11.79 $14.89 $18.99
40 SS 1/2 gross 8.6 mm $13.79 $17.79 $16.49* $22.39* $24.79
48SS 1/2 gross 11 mm $26.59 $28.79 N/A N/A N/A
Note:  40SS Colors, Limited Colors, SEE THE LIST BELOW


Bulk Pricing: Czech Preciosa MC Flat Back Rhinestones

Stone Size Gross/ Package   Crystal Crystal AB Colors Special Colors AB  Aurum 
6SS 10 Gross 2mm $24.29 $30.79 N/A N/A N/A
10SS 10 Gross 3mm $24.29 $30.79 $29.99 $38.99 $50.59
12SS 10 Gross 3.5mm $26.99 $35.59 $32.99 $43.29 $55.29
16SS 10 Gross 4 mm $34.99 $45.79 $42.29 $57.99 $67.79
20S 10 Gross 5 mm $47.99 $64.99 $59.39 $83.29 $94.89
30SS 2 Gross 6.4 mm $21.79 $28.79 $26.99 $34.29 $39.99
34 SS 2 Gross 7.2 mm $26.99 $36.49 $33.89 $40.39 $50.99
40SS  VIVA Czech Preciosa available Colors
Aqua Blue Zircon AB* Emerald AB* Hematite* Jonquil AB* Montana Rose AB* Sun
Amethyst Capri Blue Fuchsia Hyacinth Lt. Col. Topaz Olivine Sapphire Sun AB*
Aurum Citrine Fuchsia AB* Jet Lt. Rose Peridot Sapphire AB* Tanzanite
Black Diamond Citrine AB* Green Tourmaline Jet AB* Lt. Sapphire Peridot AB* Siam Topaz
Blue Zircon Emerald Honey* Jonquil Lt. Siam Rose Smoke Topaz Topaz AB*
* AB /Effect Pricing


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