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Below is an A-Z list of the rhinestone colors we currently stock. Click on the link to get to the row where the color is located and see the color, Color AB and similar colors. Effect stones are at the bottom.





Aqua Bohemica


Bermuda Blue

Black- Diamond

Blonde Flare

Blue Zircon

Blue Flare

Brown Flare


Capri Blue

Capri Gold




Deep Tanzanite




Gold Quartz

Green Tourmaline





Indian Pink





Lt. Amethyst

Lt. Burgundy

Lt. Col Topaz

Lt. Peach

Lt. Rose

Lt. Sapphire

Lt. Siam

Montana Blue




Rose Opal




Smoked Topaz

Starlight Gold






Vitrail Light

Vitrail Medium


White Opal

Czech Preciosa Rhinestone Colors

Here Is How to Order

Czech Presioca Rhinestones Button






Please do not rely on your computer to show accurate colors ...rhinestones do not photograph well!

Order our Sample Card with all colors and sizes in actual rhinestones

Czech Preciosa Stone Sizes, see size reference chart

Rhinestones Size Chart

Sizes are relative ...a 30SS rhinestone is about the diameter of a pencil eraser

The color chart represent the stock we carry. Colors change, some are being discontinued or replaced with other colors. If you are searching for a specific color you do NOT see, call us, we can try to find it for you. We will need lead time and minimum quantities may apply. We still have some discontinued colors in stock - check our Clearance section for those.

Rhinestone Guy Says: Preciosa rhinestones are much more flashy than Swarovski at distances greater than 4 feet, and are the choice for costumers and stage production. Swarovski rhinestones look better up close for a glimmer, softer look.

THE COLORS ARE ORGANIZED IN COLOR GROUPS. On the right side there is an A-Z list if you want to get to a particular color quickly

Czech Preciosa Rhinestones Color Chart

Disclaimer: Please do NOT rely on your computer monitor to represent the colors as depending on your monitor, video card and monitor's resolution colors may vary. We did our best to represent the colors. We highly recommend that your purchase a Color Sample Card for accurate colors.

Czech CrystalCzech Crystal AB
Czech Preciosa Rose OpalRose Opal AB RhinestoneCP Light RoseCP Light Rose AB
CP RoseCP Rose ABCP Indian PinkCP Indian Pink AB
CP FuchsiaFuchsia ABCP RubyCP Ruby AB
CP SunCP Sun ABCP HyacinthCP Hyacinth AB
Coral RhinestoneCoral AB RhinestoneCP Light SiamCP Light Siam AB
CP SiamCP Siam ABCP GarnetCP Garnet AB
CP BurgundyCP Burgundy ABCP Light BurgCP Lt. Burg AB
CP Light AmethystCP Light Amethyst ABCP VioletCP Violet AB
CP AlexandriteCP Alexandrite ABCp TanzaniteCP Tanzanite AB
CP AmethystCP Ametyst ABCP Deep TanzaniteCP Deep Tanzanite AB
CP MontanaCP Montana ABCP Capri BlueCP Capri Blue AB
CP SapphireCP Sapphire ABCP Light SapphireCP Light Sapphire AB
CP AquaCP Aqua ABAqua BohemicaAqua Bohem AB
Turquoise RhinestoneTurquoise AB RhinestoneCP Indicolite
CP Blue ZirconCP Blue Zircon ABCP PeridotCP Peridot AB
CP EmeraldCP Emeral ABCP Green TourmalineCP Green Tourmaline AB
CP OlivineCP Olivine ABCP JonquilCP Jonquil AB
CP CitrineCP Citrine ABCP TopazCP Topaz AB
CP Light Col TopazCP Light Col Topaz ABCP Smoke TopazCP Smoke Topaz AB
Gold Quartz RhinestoneGold Quartz AB RhinestoneCP Light PeachCP White Opal
CP Black DiamondCP Black Diamond ABCP JetCP Jet AB
Coatings and Effects - same as AB for pricing
Heliotrope Czech PreciosaBermuda BlueVolcano Czech PreciosaVitrail Medium
Vitrail LightBlonde Flare RhinestoneCP HoneyApricot
CP Capril GoldStarlight Gold RhinestoneCP Aurum Gold
CP Brown FlareCP Blue FlareCP LabradorCP Hematite

Color Descriptions to give you a sense of the colors:

Crystal Clear, Diamond-Like Price under 'Crystal' Column
Crystal AB The Standard of the AB stones, throws brilliant red, green, blue, purple. Very little yellow. Very bright stone, even in dim light Crystal AB Pricing
Amethyst True amethyst color ...purple with hints of red
Alexandrite Very pale purple on the blue tone side
Aqua Aquamarine color, light blue w/very little green like the Gem Aquamarine
Aqua Bohemica One step above Aqua color, light blue/more green
Aurum Metallic Gold, like a gold stud
Black Diamond Smoke Glass gray, brilliant
Blonde Flare An effect stone, beautiful blonde pale gold
Blue Zircon Deep Aqua, bright, great for turquoise/teal colors
Blue Flare Metallic Dark Blue - Effect Stone
Brown Flare Metallic Brown / with some purple tones - Effect Stone
Capri Blue Rich and bright blue
Coral Opaque Coral Color, AB effect is amazing
Deep Tanzanite Deep purple
Emerald Rich emerald green
Fuchsia Intense rose/hot pink
Garnet Deep wine color / very deep red
Gold Quartz Nude color; similar to Swarovski SILK.
Green Tourmaline Intermediate green
Hematite Effect color, silver-gray to blackish surface, metallic, looks just like the semiprecious stone, Hematite- Shines Great over Black
Honey An effect stone, crystal with hints of gold
Hyacinth Brilliant red with touch of yellow, more orange than Light Siam
Indicolite Blue with tinge of green, lighter than Blue Zircon… more blue
Jet Opaque Black, Usually un-backed (Strauss)
Jonquil Very pale yellow with a tinge of green
Labrador Metallic Silver, like a silver stud, effect stone
Light Amethyst Lighter version of Amethyst, lavender with hints of red
Light Colorado Topaz Paler gold than Topaz, less yellow/orange Beige.
Light Peach Pale Peach color
Light Rose Paler version of Rose
Light Sapphire Much less intense than Sapphire
Light Siam Brilliant bright red, Fire Engine Red
Montana Blue Deep blue good when Navy Blue / Jeans color
Olivine Olive Green
Peridot Medium green/yellow, excellent with greens and limes
Rose True rose color
Rose Opal Rose Translucent with pearly Cast (Pearly) - similar to an opal with Rose tones. The AB version of Rose Opal has peachy tones
Ruby Deep/Dark fuchsia (not RED like a ruby stone)
Sapphire Rich royal blue ... sapphire blue
Siam, Siam Ruby Deep Blood Red, or deep Ruby color
Smoke Topaz Deep Topaz color, less yellow than Topaz, Bronze color
Starlight Gold A highly reflective bronze shade of gold
Sun Very golden Orange (Like the setting Sun)
Tanzanite Light purple, more bluish and less red than Light Amethyst
Topaz Golden brown yellow, good with golds and browns
Turquoise Opaque turquoise stone; AB coated is amazing
Violet Very pretty purple, lighter than Light Amethyst, same family
White Opal Translucent with Yellow Cast (Pearly) - similar to an opal. Great for Off White.


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