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Swarovski Heat Fix Jewels


Swarovski Crystal Elements - Odd Shape Stones and Rim set Stones


Please note: Stones in the photo might NOT be to scale please refer to size chart!

Swarovski Odd Shape Heat Fix

Description Crystal Crystal AB Jet Hematite
Art 2400 -  3mm 15.95/Gross N/A N/A N/A
Art. 2400 - 4mm 21.49/Gross N/A N/A N/A
Art 2200 Navette 44.95/Gross N/A N/A N/A
Art. 2300 Pear 44.95/Gross 55.95/Gross 50.95/Gross 59.95/Gross
Art. 2610 Octagon 49.95/Gross 58.95/Gross 55.95/Gross 63.95/Gross
2510 Rectangle 32.95/Gross 35.95/Gross 33.95/Gross 37.95/Gross
2180 Navette cabo 15.95/Gross 19.95/Gross    
2711 Triangle 52.95/Gross N/A N/A N/A
2728 Flower 10SS  N/A N/A    
16SS 9.95 N/A    
20SS 15.95/Gross N/A    
34SS 39.95/Gross N/A    


Art. 2029 (2028 Cut) Swarovski with Rim (rim set look) - Silver or Gold Available only in Crystal and Crystal AB


RIM SETS Gold or Silver
2029-16SS 15.99/Gross
2029-20SS 23.99/Gross
2029-34SS 43.99/Gross



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