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Czech Preciosa Rhinestone Mesh Banding

Rhinestone Mesh BeltMesh mount Banding has point back rhinestones set in metal cups and mounted in a nonflexible mesh.

The belt photo shows the extent that it can curve. You can get creative with rhinestone mesh.

This banding is great for cuffs and edge treatments. Great for chokers, hand bands and headbands.

This is the trim used to trim wedding cakes. You can create, napkin holders, decorate candle holder, frames, pillow and more. Just let your imagination go.

Beware of inexpensive chain that has inferior quality rhinestones.

We offer Mesh Banding in Crystal and Crystal AB, from 1 to 24 rows, and selected color mesh banding in 4 rows/meter increments.

Rhinestone Mesh Czech Preciosa 24 RowsRhineste Mesh Banding with Ruler

Sale!Mesh Crystal AB/Silver: 4 Rows x 1 meter Sale - $23.99
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Rhinestone Trim in Colors


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Crystal and Crystal AB Mesh Banding

Rhinestone Mesh Crystal Mesh Banding Crystal AB

Rhinestone Mesh Banding is sold by the ROW and by the Yard. It comes in a 24 row bolt and we cut it to size. The minimum order is 1 row x 1 yard. The pricing in the table is PER ROW/PER YARD. So, if you need 1 yard with 3 rows, as an example, the price would be the price below x 3 - or 3 Yards TOTAL. If you needed 2 yard of 3 rows, you will be purchasing in effect a total of 6 x the price below.

Mesh Crystal AB 4 Rows x 1 meter Sale = $23.99; Also Colors on Sale now... See Colors Tab

Rhinestone size 19ss-20ss,
  •   Size
  • Mesh Color
  • Setting
  • Price per Row/Yd
  • 10+ Yards*
  • Price per Row/Yd
  • Crystal-S
  • White
  • Silver
  • $6.99
  • Crystal-S
  • $6.39
  • Crystal-G
  • White
  • Gold
  • $8.99
  • Crystal-G
  • $8.29
  • Crystal AB-S
  • White
  • Silver
  • $8.59
  • Crystal AB-S
  • $7.79
  • Crystal AB-B
  • Black
  • Silver
  • $8.99
  • Crystal AB-B
  • $8.29

* Anything over 10 yards, for example, 5 rows x 2 yards will qualify for 10 Yards discount.

Color Mesh Banding - FALL SPECIAL, Drastic Price Reduction!Save $

4 rows of mesh, sold by the Meter (100cm = 39.3 inches), or by the Spool (10 meters)

You can be cut the mesh banding into individual rows as needed (1 row x 4, 2 x 2 rows etc.). Great for chokers, cuffs, etc.

They are available in the following colors:

Rhinestone Mesh Banding Black Diamond Rhinestone Mesh Banding Hematite Jet on Black Mesh Banding
Rhinestone Mesh Banding Blue Zircon Rhinestone Mesh Banding Fuchsia Rhinestone Mesh Banding Rose
Rhinestone Mesh Banding Light Siam Rhinestone Mesh Banding Light Colorado Topaz Rhinestone Mesh Banding Sapphire

Price is for 4 rows x 1 meter (approx. 39")
  •   by Meter
  • Hematite
  • All Other Colors
  • Cryl AB Silver
  • 4 rows x 1m
  • $37.39
  • $31.69
  • $34.39
  • SALE!
  • $23.99
  • $19.99
  • $23.99

Additional Rhinestone Trim Available:

Czech Preciosa Rim Cup  Banding Button Czech Preciosa Rhinestone Chain Button

Saleczech preciosa Clearance
Here you can find at reduced prices
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  • Czech Preciosa Vintage HF Rhinestones
  • Czech Preciosa Rose Montees & More...


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