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Swarovski 2088 rhinestone Line DrawingSwarovski Rhinestones
40 ss - Flat Back

Art. 2088

Swarovski 40ss rhinestones are available in the Xirius Rose style 2088 in Crystal and Crystal AB. The Xirius Rose Cut features a star design, a small table top and excellent sparkle. They are foiled back and can be glued or mounted.

Swarovski has discontinued production of the 2058 in Sizes SS12 and larger exchanging them with the new upgraded cut of 2088. Swarovski 2088 Flat back Rhinestones are made of Advanced Crystal and are lead free and compliant with international standards. Read and learn more about the xirius rhinestone.

Swarovski 40ss are no longer produced in most colors. We have selected colored rhinestones in this size, see table below.

They are sold in one dozen(12 pieces), 1/2 Gross or you can save by purchasing a 1 Gross factory sealed package.

Brand: Swarovski, Austria

Styles: Various

Diameter: approx. 8.6mm

Rhinestone Size: 40ss

Colors may have different rhinestones style #.

Swarovski 40ss Rhinestone Scale
Swarovski 40Ss rhinestones are available in the following colors, Article 2028 2058, or 2088: All shimmers are priced as AB Colors

Swarovski Aquamarine swarovski ss40 aurum Swarovski Black Diamond Swarovski Black Diamond Shimmer Swarovski Blue Zircon Swarovski Blue Zircon Shimmer Swarovski Citrine Citrine Shimmer Swarovski Cobalt Swarovski Cobalt Shimmer Electric Blue Electric Green Electric Orange Electric Pink Electric White Electric Yellow Swarovski Erinite Swarovski Erinite Shimmer Swarovski Fire Opal Swarovski Fuchsia Swarovski Fuchsia ShimmerSwarovski Hematite Swarovski Hyacinth Hyacinth Shimmer jet Swarovski Jet AB Jonquil Swarovski Light Amethyst Swarovski Light Chrome Swarovski Light Colorado Topaz Swarovski Light Colorado Topaz Shimmer Light Rose AB Light Sapphire Light Sapphire Shimmer Light Siam Light Siam Shimmerswarovski ss40 light Turquoise Olivine Peridot Peridot ShimmerRoseSiam Siam Shimmer Silk Silk Shimmer Smoke Topaz Tangerine Tangerine Shimmer Topaz Topaz Shimmer Swarovski Vitrail Medium Swarovski Volcano

**A Crystal effect or AB rhinestone price. We also have additional colors in 40ss under Czech Preciosa

Prices  Down Arrow

GROSS PRICE - (144 pieces / gross) = BULK PRICE

Swarovski 2088 Gross Prices

Rhinestone Style, depends upon availability. Swarovski 40ss factory package has 1 gross per box.
1 Gross = 144 rhinestones.
  •  2058/88
  • 40SS(8.6mm)
  • Crystal-2088
  • $33.79
  • Crystal AB-2088
  • $46.49
  • Color-2088
  • $40.09*
  • Crystal Effect
  • $46.49*
  • Color AB/Shim
  • $49.79*
1/2 GROSS PRICE - (72 pieces = 1/2 gross)

Swarovski 2088 1/2 Gross Prices

May be 2058 depending upon availability. 1/2 Gross = 72 rhinestones; Measured by weight

We do not sell smaller size stones by 1/2 Gross quantities.

  •   2088
  • 40SS(8.6mm)
  • Crystal
  • $22.09
  • Crystal AB
  • $29.19
  • Color
  • $25.89*
  • Crystal Effect
  • $29.19
  • Color AB/Shim
  • $30.59


DOZEN PRICE - (12 pieces = 1 Dozen)

Swarovski 2058 and 2088 Dozen Prices

1 DOZEN = 12 rhinestones;
Colors are limited
  •   2088/2058
  • 40SS(8.6mm)
  • Crystal-2088
  • $4.49
  • Crystal AB-2088
  • $6.19
  • Color
  • $5.29*
  • Crystal Effect
  • $6.19
  • Color AB/Shim
  • $6.59

Additional Sizes  Down Arrow

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