Swarovski Art. 2034 - Concise Rhinestones - Flat Back

      Swarovski 2034 Concise Rhinestones is a specialty cut flat back rhinestone backed with platinum foiling for extra brilliance and protection, and for easy application to a variety of materials using standard glues.

      In comparison to the Swarovski Xirius and Xilion rose rhinestones they have a simpler cut, with a great larger table top, giving them a "mirror" like spakle. They are also lighter and are lead free.

      Swarovski Concise Crystal AB Rhinestone ChartSwarovski Concise Versus Xirius 2088

      Swarovski Concise Rhinestones

      Brand: Swarovski, Austria

      Styles: 2034 Concise Cut

      Diameter: approx. 11mm

      Rhinestone Size: 48ss

      Swarovski 48ss Rhinestone Scale

      Swarovski Concise Crystal Rhinestone Swarovski Concise Crystal AB Rhinestone Swarovski Concise Golden Shadow Rhinestone Swarovski Concise Light Chrome Rhinestone
      Swarovski Concise Jet Rhinestone Swarovski Concise Light Siam Rhinestone Swarovski Concise Light Siam AB Rhinestone

      Swarovski Art. 2034 Flat Back Concise Crystals are sold as follows:1 Dozen = 12 pieces;
      Bulk Prices (discounted): As Noted
      Size Quantity Crystal Crystal AB / Golden Shadow Light Siam Light Siam AB
      SS48 - 11mm 1 Dozen (12) $6.79 $9.69 $8.29 $10.29

      Factory Package (Bulk) Discounted Prices

      SS48 - 11mm 8 Dozen (96) $41.49 $58.89 $50.19 $63.39

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      Swarovski Concise Crystal ABSwarovski Concise Light Siam

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