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Crystal Luxury Rhinestone Shapes, Designed with Nail Art in Mind

RG Luxuy Shapes for Nails

Rhinestone Guy's luxury shapes for nails are a great alternative to Swarovski or Czech shapes at an excellent price point yet high brilliance and shine. Fun shapes, featuring a variety of facets, in Crystal & Crystal AB, in a few sizes for every job. Sold by the dozen or in bulk (discounted) these beautiful shapes can help you create master piece nails.

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Geometric Flat Back Rhinestone Shapes
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Curved Flat Back Rhinestone Shapes
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Incorporate Small Rhinstones from our Bright Choice or RG Studio Flat Back Crystals to complete your design:

Rhinestone Guy's Bright Choice stones are available in graduating sizes: SS6, SS10 and Up. RG Studio Stone are avaiable in graduating sizes: SS6, SS8, SS10 and up. Many colors to choose from at a great price point.

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