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Preciosa Fashion Sew On Jewelry

Preciosa Star, Art 3001 & Flower, Art 3004


Preciosa Fashion Jewelry Sew On feature pointed back, chaton stones, in Rhodium, Silver Plated brass setting. These beautiful sew ons have a single loop in the center back so they can be used as functional or faux buttons. They can also be used as a decorative element.

Art 3001, Star, is 20mm, featuring Maxima 8x4.8mm pears and SS18 and SS15 round chatons.

Art 3004, Flower, is 23mm, featuring Maxima 8x4.8mm navettes and SS18 chatons.

Both are available in Crystal and Crystal AB and are sold by the piece or a 2 Dozen Box (24 pieces) Discounted.

preciosa star sew on Preciosa Flower Crystalfashion sew on jewels crystal ab

Prices  Down Arrow

Sold by Each (1 piece) or 2 Dozen (dz) = 24 pieces (discounted) box

  •   Per EACH
  • Star - 20mm
  • Flower - 23mm
  •   Per Box
  • STAR - 2 Dozen
  • FLOWER-2 Dz
  • Crystal
  • $7.09
  • $9.19
  • Crystal
  • $142.79
  • $190.89
  • Crystal AB
  • $7.99
  • $11.09
  • Crystal AB
  • $162.39
  • $225.89

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