Swarovski Shimmer Effects Stones

Swarovski Shimmer Effects

Swarovski Shimmer Effect Rhinestones are the latest 2088 (flatback) and 2078 (hotfix) rhinestone release by Swarovski, the leading and finest rhinestone manufacturer and industry standard setter. These amazing new effect stones feature a special coating that creates a shimmer effect that was specially designed to capture movement. The stones are designed to create unique light refraction, creating more dazzling sparkle under lights with more vibrant colors to accentuate every movement.

The Shimmer Effects Rhinestones are available in Flat Back (all colors) and Hotfix (selected sizes/colors), and Sew On Pears (selected colors) feature:

  • Shimmer Effect for more brilliance, color vibrancy and unique light refraction.
  • Softer and more elegant shimmer that radiates 3 shades of a single color.
  • Swarovski latest cut rhinestones Xirius 2088
  • Flat back rhinestones: 7 graduating sizes: 5ss, 9ss, 12ss, 16ss, 20ss, 30ss, 40ss (not all stones are available in all sizes)
  • A Great selection of Colors. See below.
  • Unmatched quality, durability and glamour
  • The Shimmer Effect stones are lead free* (*Crystal Glass and all other materials containing 0.009% lead or less.)
The Shimmer stone were created in Selected Colors. Crystal Shimmer is priced like Crystal AB; All other shimmer rhinestones are priced at Color AB prices
Additional Swarovski AB Colors are available. See Color Chart

Swarovski Crystal ShimmerSwarovski Crystal Shimmer Swarovski Black Diamond ShimmerSwarovski Black Diamond Shimmer Swarovski 2088 Blue Zircon ShimmerSwarovski Blue Zircon Shimmer Swarovski Citrine ShimmerSwarovski Citriner Shimmer Swarovski Cobalt ShimmerSwarovski Cobalt Shimmer Swarovski Erinite ShimmerSwarovski Erinite Shimmer Swarovski Fuchsia ShimmerSwarovski Fuchsia Shimmer Swarovski Hyacinth ShimmerSwarovski Hyacinth Shimmer Swarovski Light Colorado Topaz ShimmerSwarovski Light Colorado Topaz Shimmer Swarovski Light Rose Shimmerswarovski light rose shimmer cluster Swarovski Light Sapphire ShimmerSwarovski Light Sapphire Shimmer Swarovski Light Siam ShimmerSwarovski Light Siam Shimmer Swarovsk 2088 Light Topaz Shimmer RhinestoneSwarovski Rhinestones Light Topaz Shimmer Swarovski Peridot ShimmerSwarovski Peridot Shimmer Swarovski Siam ShimmerSwarvoski Siam Shimmer Swarovski Silk ShimmerSwarovski Silk Shimmer Swarovski Tangerine ShimmerSwarovski Tangerine Shimmer Swarovski Tanzanite Shimmerswarovski tanzanite shimmer cluster Swarovski Topaz ShimmerSwarovski Topaz Shimmer


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