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Swarovski Nail Art CrystalPixie

Swarovski crystal products for nails brings a new level of shine to manicures and pedicures. Swarovski's innovative excellence and collaborations with top designers brings arts, fashion, & style to your nails. As Swarovski's team says, and we do not disagree: "without nails the look is incomplete".

Swarovski is dedicated to making the world’s finest crystals, which are a fusion of science, art and love. Though we take great pride in seeing Swarovski crystals glittering across fashion runways, red carpet events or music performances, we are also amazed to see how we inspire talented individuals to create extraordinary nail art designs.

Swarovski Crystals Nail Art consists of a variety of rhinestones, rhinestone shapes, pearls and their latest innovation, Swarovski Crystalpixie for nails.

We made Nail Art and Design easy for you

Swarovski Nail Art Kits - Genuine Swarovski Rhinestones and Crystal Shapes exclusive!

We created for you an awesome selection, 11 sets, of Swarovski Crystal and Rhinestone Shape kits in the most popular colors. Each kit is different and has an unbelievable value, 15% less than if purchased separately. An opportunity to see and experiment with a variety of crystal shapes and rhinestone colors.
Swarovski Nail Art Kits
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Assortment Nail Art Kits
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It all starts with Swarovski Rhinestones

Swarovski 2058 & 2088 RhinestonesSW Color ChartWhen it comes to rhinestones for nails, Swarovski Crystals, got you covered. For nail art, in general, small rhinestones are used as they allow for intricate details, mostly 5ss through 20ss. We got you covered with rhinestones sizes from 5ss through 48ss in an extensive selection of colors. You can purchase your stones in small quantities or factory packages, discounted. Check our complete Swarovski flatback stones.

And... Swarovski Shapes

Swarovski Crystal rhinestones shapes are used by many for additional nail decorations. They create unique shapes and extra dimension for an artistic and glamorous look. We sell these shapes by the Dozen or by the box. Consider some of the nail art kits if you want to get a variety of shapes at a discounted price.

Flat Back Crystal Rhinestone Shapes
Rhinestone Shapes
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Flat Back Rhinestone Shapes
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and Make it Classy with Pearl Shapes

Pearl Cabochons Round and Shapes
Swarovski Pearl Shapes
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Flat Back and Hot Pearls
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Or Spinkle it with Crystal Pixie

CrystalPixie by Swarovski, put magic at your fingertips. Innovative Swarovski Crystalpixie for nails features hundreds of crystals in the smallest sizes for maximum sparkle and limitless creative expression. Crystalpixie is perfect for application by in-salon professionals and for creating endless fun DIY looks at home. The Crystalpixie can be used by itself or combined with other Swarovski rhinestones and shape to create unique designs.

Swarovski Crystal Pixie - Three Different Styles.. Dare to experiment, click on image
Swarovski Nails with Pixie Designs
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Petite, Bubble and Edge
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