Swarovski Art 86601 Pavé Cabochons

      Swarovski pavé cabochons, are chic and modern. They are pave, crystal encrusted, a half, flat back balls made of Ceralun, a ceramic composite, with crystals, rhinestones, all the way around. There are spaces between the stones. These sparkly cabochons will add a twist to any contemporary design. They are light weight and three dimensional. The are just fantastic mixed with Swarovski shimmer stones.

      The Pave cabochons are available in four graduating sizes from 6mm (ss30) to 12mm (a tiny bit larger than SS48).

      The pave shape can be glued with proper gluing application to different surfaces and are ideals for textile and jewelry designs. You can use them to create a center piece element, button covers, eyewear, accessories or create beautiful necklines, faux buttons.

      These cabochons are suitable only for cold hand washing.

      Swarovski Pave Cabochons Art 86601

      Swarovski Pave cabochons 86601 SizesBrand: Swarovski, Austria

      Name: Pave Cabochon

      Article #: 86601

      Swarovski 86601 Pave Cabochon Crystal Swarovski 86601 Pave Cabochon Crystal AB
      Swarpvsoi Pave Cabochon Aquamarine Swarovski Pave Cabochon Amethyst Swarovski Pave Cabochon Golden Shadow Swarovski Pave Cabochon Hematite Swarovski Pave Cabochon Jet Swarovski Pave Cabochon Light siam Swarovski Pave Cabochon Light Siam Shimmer Swarovski Pave Cabochon Majestic Blue

      Swarovski Pave Cabochon Art 86601Quantities as Noted
      Size Quantity Dozen Bulk Package Discounted
      6mm 6 Pieces $14.09 1 Dozen (12 Pieces) $23.29
      8mm 6 Pieces $18.59 1 Dozen (12 Pieces) $30.69
      10mm 6 Pieces $22.39 1 Dozen (12 Pieces) $36.79
      12mm 6 Pieces $25.79 1 Dozen (12 Pieces) $42.49

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