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Rhinestone Guy Premium
Rhinestones and Pearl Kits


For those who are looking for an assortment of Sizes or colors.

Rhinestone Guy Premium Machine Cut 12 Facet rhinestones are the best bling for your money. These are hot fix rhinestones, however, they can ge glued. For gluing, we recommend GemTac.

Pearls add shimmer and softness to many designs. Available in 5 Great Colors. The latest addition to our Kit's Line up. See colors below

Color Assortments - NEW!

Looking for Color Assortments. We got them for you. We now have 3 size assortments for colors and colors AB's. 10ss, 16ss and 20ss.

Each size assortment contains one gross, 144 rhinestones, as follows:

Standard Colors: Crystal, Light Siam, Emerald, Citrine, Hyacinth, Sapphire, Amethyst, Peridot, Jet and Rose.

AB colors: Crystal AB, Light Siam AB, Emerald AB, Citrine AB, Hyacinth AB, Sapphire AB, Amethyst AB, Peridot AB, Jet AB, and Rose AB.

10% OFF Savings if you purchase the same quantities individually

RG Premium Rhinestones Stanard color Assortment RG Premium Color AB assortment of rhinestones

  •   Size
  • 10ss
  • $18.19
  • $22.49
  • 16ss
  • $25.79
  • $26.89
  • 20ss
  • $33.79
  • $36.89

Size Assortments - Rhinestones and Pearls!

RG Premium Rhinestones or RG Pearls featuring
a discounted price on 10 gross of rhinestones or pearls in a variety of sizes.

20% OFF Savings if you purchase the same quantities individually

The rhinestone kit will allow you to create a project design with various increasing sizes. Great for strassing shoes, making size graduating designs, or just getting stock of various sizes.

Rhinestones: You will be receiving a total of 10 Gross, 1,440 Rhinestones comprised of:

  • 10ss rhinestones - 3 Gross
  • 16ss rhinestones - 3 Gross
  • 20ss rhinestones - 3 Gross
  • 30ss rhinestones - 1 Gross
  • SAME COLOR PER KIT, No mixing of colors

Pearls: You will be receiving a total of 10 Gross, 1,440 Pearls comprised of:

  • 3mm (10ss) Pearls - 3 Gross
  • 4 mm (16ss) Pearls - 3 Gross
  • 5mm (20ss) Pearls - 3 Gross
  • 6mm (30ss) Pearls - 1 Gross
  • SAME COLOR PER KIT, No mixing of colors


RG Premium Rhinestones Sizes In Kit

For actual stone sizes and accurate colors we suggest that you purchase
the RG Premium Sample Card-- $15.00.


RG Premium CrystalCrystal Kit
$28.79 for 10 Gross
Crystal AB RhinestonesCrystal AB Kit
$29.79 for 10 Gross



Standard Colors - $31.39 - 10 Gross, 1,440 rhinestones

RGP AmethystRGP AquamarineRGP Black DiamondRGP Blue ZirconRGP Capri BlueCrystal Unfoiled RhinestoneRGP EmeraldRGP Grass GreenRGP HyacinthRGP JetRGP JonquilRGP Light AmethystRG Premium Rhinestone Light BrownRGP Light Colorado TopazRGP Light SapphireRGP Light SiamRGP Light TopazRGP MontanaRGP OlivineRGP PeridotRGP SapphireRGP SiamRGP Smoke TopazRGP SunRGP TanzaniteRGP TopazVitrail Medium Rhinestone

Colors AB & Metallic Colors- $38.39 - 10 Gross, 1,440 rhinestones

Amethyst AB RhinestoneAqua AB RhinestoneRGP Blue MetallicBlue Zircone AB RhinestoneRG Capri Blue ABCrystal AB UnfoiledRGP Emerald AB
RGP GoldRGP HematiteRGP Hyacinth ABRGP Jet ABRGP Light Sapphire ABLight Siam AB Rhinestone
Sapphire AB RhinestoneRGP Siam ABRGP SilverRGP Sun ABTopaz AB Rhinestone

Special Colors - $47.19 - 10 Gross, 1,440 rhinestones

RGP CitrineRGP FuchsiaRGP Light PeachRGP Light RoseRGP RoseWhite Opal Rhinestone

Special Colors AB & Special Effects - $53.69 - 10 Gross, 1,440 rhinestones

Light HoneyDark Honeyrg premium silver nightSmokey CrystalCitrine AB RhinestoneFuchsia AB RhinestoneLt Rose ABRose AB Rhinestone

Pearls - $35.69 - 10 Gross, 1,440 Pearls

RG Pearl Colors


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