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RG Premium Rhinestone Photo Gallery


Unfoiled Crystal Rhinestones

Unfoiled rhinestones are different from foiled rhinestones as they do not have the foil backing of a regular rhinestone thereby capturing the light in a very different way. They let the light pass through them and therefore, they pick up the color of the fabric that is underneath them. They provide subtle reflection.
With the latest addition to the RG Premium line, of unfoiled Crystal and Crystal AB rhinestones, it is important that prior to purchasing these unique stones, you understand how they reflect light and how they interact with various colors.
Following are various photos to show you these difference.


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Crystal and Crystal AB foiled and unfoiled next to each other

Rhinestones Foiled and Unfoiled Crystal Rhinestones Crystal AB Foiled and Unfoiled


Crystal unfoiled top view on various colors

Unfoiled Crystal Over Red Unfoiled Crystal over Purple Unfoiiled Crystal Over Green Unfoiled Crystal Over Yellow Unfoiled Crystal Over Orange


Crystal AB unfoiled top view on various colors

Unfoiled Crystal AB Over Red Unfoiled Crystal AB over Purple Unfoiiled Crystal AB Over Green Unfoiled Crystal AB Over Yellow Unfoiled Crystal AB Over Orange


Crystal and AB unfoiled Clusters

RG Premium Crystal Unfoiled Cluster RG Premium Crystal AB Unfoiled Cluster

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