RG Premium Luxury Rivoli ~ Flat Back

      Dark Honey Rivoli with StarletsRhinestone Guy's (RG) Premium Rivolis have a unique shape. They are faceted all the way around and come to a point at the center of the stone, giving it vertical facets from the tip to the bottom. They have an amazing shine. These are great stones for earrings and necklaces and unique designs.

      The Rivoli rhinestone shape features foil on the back of the stone for extra reflection and sparkle.

      The RG Premium rivolis are available in 4 great sizes ranging from 10mm to 18mm (almost 3/4 inch). They are sold by the Dozen and in bulk (discounted). They are available in Crystal, Crystal AB, Dark Honey and Jet.

      These are a great alternative to Swarovski 2006 rivolis, or Czech Preciosa Rivolis

      Rivoli Flat Back Crystal Sizes RG Premium

      Flat Back Rivoli Crystal AB RG Premium Sizes

      RG Rivoli Flat Back Crystal RG Rivoli Flat Back Crystal AB Rivoli Flat back Jet


      RG Premium Rivoli Dark Honey RG Rivoli Light Honey Flat Back RG Rivoli Silver Night Flat Back

      RG Luxury Rivoli Flat Back Squares Crystals are sold as follows:1 Dozen = 12 pieces;
      Bulk Prices (discounted)- quantities as noted: 1 Gross = 12 dozen = 144 pieces
      Size Quantity Crystal Crystal AB Jet Effects
      10mm 1 Dozen (12) $1.89 $2.89 $1.89 $2.89
      12mm 1 Dozen (12) $2.39 $3.49 $2.39 $3.49
      14mm 1 Dozen (12) $2.99 $4.09 $2.99 $4.09
      18mm 1 Dozen (12) $4.99 $6.49 $4.99 $6.49

      Bulk Discounted Prices

      10mm 12 Dozen (144) $14.99 $22.49 $14.99 $14.99
      12mm 12 Dozen (144) $18.79 $27.59 $18.79 $27.59
      14mm 12 Dozen (144) $22.99 $32.79 $22.99 $32.79
      18mm 12 Dozen (144) $34.99 $51.79 $34.99 $51.79

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