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Swarovski Flat Back Concise Rhinestones


Swarovski 2034 Concise Rhinestones is a specialty cut flat back rhinestone backed with platinum foiling for extra brilliance and protection, and for easy application to a variety of materials using standard glues. They are also available in Hot Fix format.

In comparison to the Swarovski Xirius and Xilion rose rhinestones they have a simpler cut, with a great larger table top, giving them a "mirror" like spakle. They are also lighter and are lead free.

These rhinestones are available in three rhinestone sizes: 10ss, 20ss and 48ss. They also have a limited range of color selection at this time. 

Swarovski Concise Rhinestones Sizes

Swarovski Concise Crystal AB Rhinestone Chart Swarovski Concise Versus Xirius 2088

Swarovski Concise rhinestones are sold as follows:

  • 10ss - minimum 2 gross
  • 20ss - minimum purchase 1 gross
  • 48ss - minimum purchase 1 Dozen

For best pricing you should consider purchasing bulk packages. These are factory sealed packages and are discounted. It means same size & color - 10ss and 20ss - 10 Gross package. The 48ss Box has 8 Dozen (96 pieces).

If you need for example 12 Gross of 20ss rhinestones, 10 will be at the Package (discounted) Price and the 2 will be at the regular Gross price.

See Cosolidate Price List

Swarovski Concise Crystal AB Swarovski Concise Rhinestones Consolidated Price Lit Swarovski Concise Light Siam

Or, See indivdual Size rhinestones [There is a rhinestone to a dime reference chart
when viewing by individual rhinestone sizes]

Swarovski Concise 10ss Swarovski Concise 20ss Swarovski Concise 48ss

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