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Swarovski Concise RhinestonesSwarovski Concise Rhinestones
Art. 2034
20 ss - Flat Back



Swarovski 20ss concise rhinestones are available in selected colors as shown below. The concise rhinestones feature a uniqe large tabel top and facets in a shallower rhinestone. It creates an excellent sparkle. They are foiled back and can be glued to a variety of materials

These are speciality rhinestones. click here for: Swarovski 2088 or 2058 rhinestones.

They are sold by the gross

Brand: Swarovski, Austria

Styles: 2034 Concise Cut

Diameter: approx. 4.7mm

Rhinestone Size: 20ss

Swarovski 20ss Rhinestone Scale


The following are the Concise Rhinestone Colors available*:

Swarovski Concise Crystal Rhinestone Swarovski Concise Crystal AB Rhinestone Swarovski Concise Golden Shadow Rhinestone Swarovski Concise Light Chrome Rhinestone
Swarovski Concise Jet Rhinestone Swarovski Concise Light Siam Rhinestone Swarovski Concise Light Siam AB Rhinestone

*There are two patina rhinestone colors available, Crystal Black and Crystal Rose patina, we do not carry them in stock, but we can special order those for you.

1 Gross = Gr = 144 pieces, Measured by weight
Golden Shadow and Light Chrome are Effect Colors.



  • Gross
  • 20SS(4.7mm)
  • Crystal
  • $4.99/Gr
  • Crystal AB
  • $7.09/Gr
  • Std Colors
  • $5.99/Gr
  • Effect Colors
  • $7.09/Gr
  • Colors AB
  • $7.59/Gr
Swarovski Concise Rhinestones Additional Sizes:
See Prices By Size or See The consolidate price list:

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